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14.06.17 05:25:36 pm
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Hi all ,

I'm here with mod Zombie Plague Xtreme - V1.2 - OG , Updated by me .

What's New in this version ? :
> Fixed Some Bugs in the mod
> Fix issue of the model of headcrab model (in the old version the model doesn't appear) now it appears successfuly √
> Added new extra-items like : bazooka , minigun ∗ ∗
> Added new zm class : Leech Zombie
How To Install ?
• Simply Install it just like any mod , don't forget to copy the models !
Creator of the mod : user Starkkz
Testers : @user 3RROR: user Starkkz user Infinite Rain
Updater of the mod : user Pro Gaming Network

I took the rights to post this from the original creator : user Starkkz , Big Thanks for him

Anyway , i hope u will enjoy the mod . and there is a next update soon ! which haves a lot of prises

See you later !
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14.06.17 08:25:55 pm
like I like it!
The Danel
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nice lol
14.06.17 08:25:46 pm
like I like it!
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nice good job gaming im like this

im need see more lua
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