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30.09.17 08:22:54 pm
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Hello, this is my Second File Related to Half Life 1,
Introducing, the Glock-17 Semi-Automatic Sidearm!
"Here You Go, Calhoun!"

Used by many Security Guards at the Black Mesa
Research Facility, and adopted by the H.E.C.U.


You can:
√ Edit It.
√ Use it For your Own Maps/Scripts/etc. (With Permission.)

You can't:
× Steal It.
× Upload it Anywhere Else.
× Claim that it's Yours.

Inspired off the Half Life 1 - Source Beretta M92 HD Model.

ADDED Buymenu Image.
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01.10.17 05:54:46 am
like I like it!
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tbh its Cool!
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