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Hi everybody !

> Briefing

Spoiler >

> Description

A brand new kill based (from UT3) sound subsystem for CS2D.
It has many features copied from UT game behaviour.
Now, you can feel like a Combo King killing your enemies and like a Maniac accumulating kills on your score.
The great announcement sounds will make you feel each killing is unique!, with killing sprees, killing chains and weapon mastery levels, you will feel like a Killing Machine.
You can perform headshots with an (efficient) angle based calculation between the killer and the victim, being the distance a factor to consider.

> Features

∗ Announcements Channel.
     • Each player has a messages channel, where killing announcements are accumulated, and, each second, the best killing level is showed for everyone (in order to avoid spam).
     • General announcements can be disabled.
∗ Announcements.
      • Each announcement has it's own color. General announcements player names are showed in CS2D natural colors (by team, red, blue, or lime color in deathmatch).
      • General announcements sounds can be disabled (disabled by default).
∗ HUD.
      • HUD position is calculated for each player, by his display resolution.
      • HUD considers 3 possible alignements in screen: 0 (center, by default), 1 (down) and -1 (up).
      • UT/Quake and Headshot announcements has it's own channel for personal message displaying. It means you can perform a Doublekill and Headshot and the HUD shows you the messages correctly.
      • HUD smothly fade out animation.
∗ Headshot.
      • Headshot event based on angle calculation.
      • Headshot event is fired on success shot and same angle (inverted direction) of the killer related to victim with killer rotation angle.
Spoiler >

      • Only firearms can perform a headshot.
      • Headshot can performs a "Helmet", if the victim has more than 65 AP (Kevlar+Helmet), it means the victim will resist the headshot but loses his helmet.
      • Headshot can performs a simple headshot (without kill) if the victim has more than 90 HP (Health) and the damage factor calculated with headshot base damage, weapon damage and mp_damagefactor is less than victim health.
      • Distance incidence is calculated through reciprocal function and a headshot threshold.
∗ Killing Chain (4 seconds, 9 levels).
     • Doublekill (2 kills).
     • Hattrick (3 kills).
     • Multikill (4 kills).
     • Megakill (5 kills).
     • ULTRAKILL (6 kills).
     • MO-O-O-O-ONSTERKILL-ILL-ILL (7 kills).
     • Ludicrouskill (8 kills).
     • Assasin (9 kills).
     • Unstoppable (10 kills!).
∗ Killing Spree (until you die, 12 levels).
      • Killing Spree (15 kills).
      • Impressive (20 kills).
      • Dominating (25 kills).
      • Rampage (30 kills).
      • GODLIKE (35 kills).
      • Wicked Sick (40 kills).
      • Combo King (50 kills).
      • OUTSTANDING (60 kills).
      • Bloodbath (70 kills).
      • KILLING MACHINE (80 kills).
      • Blaze of Glory (90 kills).
      • UNREAL (100 kills!).
∗ Weapon Mastery (until you left the game).
      • Gunslinger (Deagle, P228, Elite, Fiveseven).
      • Last Second Save! (MP5, TMP, P90, Mac10, UMP45).
      • Shaftmaster (AK47, Galil).
      • Topgun (M4A1, Famas).
      • Hit & Run! (Scout).
      • Eagle Eye (AWP).
      • Extermination (M249, M134).
      • Flakmaster (G3SG1, SG550).
      • Eradication (Flamethrower, RPG Launcher).
      • Rocket Scientist (Rocket Launcher).
      • Excellent (HE).
      • Termination (AirStrike).
      • Excellent (Molotov Cocktail).
      • Bulls Eye (Knife).
      • Maniac (Machete, Chainsaw).
      • Hijacked (Mine, Satchel Charge).
      • Bluestreak (Laser Mine).
∗ Others.
      • Startround/Play sound.
      • First kill announcement.

> Headshot or helmet(shot) events can be used in other scripts. Isn't a permission, is a tip.
> You can edit some variables in base.lua.
      • SFX.PLAYER.RADIUS, default 255 (radius where headshot or helmet will be listen, from victim)
      • HUD.UT.FONT_SIZE and HUD.UT.HEADSHOT.FONT_SIZE are not recommended to be changed.
      • HUD.UT.VERTICAL_ALIGN, 0 center, 1 down and -1 up (positions in screen already optimized).
      • HUD.UT.DURATION, default 2000 (ms), duration of personal announcement.
      • GENERAL_ANNOUNCEMENTS, default true, if everybody can show announcements.
      • GENERAL_SFX, default false, if everybody can listen announcements sounds.
      • BASE_COLOR, default 'yellow', base message color.
      • HEADSHOT_COLOR, default 'red', headshot kill message color.
      • WEAPON_AWARD_COLOR, default 'mediumseagreen', weapon mastery message color.
      • CT_COLOR, T_COLOR and DM_COLOR, player names color on announcements by team.
      • KILLING_CHAIN_LAPSE, default 4000 (ms), time for perform a killing chain (timer is restarted after last kill)
      • HEADSHOT_BASE_DAMAGE, default 42, headshot damage base factor on no helmet shot.
      • HEADSHOT_THRESHOLD, default 40, Higher threshold means higher probability of done a headshot. Used as Reciprocal function amplifier.
> Yes, you can add more kill levels, guided by the constants.lua structure.
      • You should consider that weapon mastery haves priority over killing spree, and killing spree haves priority over killing chain announcements.
      • You can add killing spree levels on SFX.UT.SPREE table (name is the soundfile name in sfx/utsfx/ut3, should be in OGG format).
      • You can add killing chain on SFX.UT.CHAIN table (same that killing spree).
      • UT.COLOR table contains color by kill level, no matter if is killing spree or killing chain.
      • UT.ANNOUNCEMENT.GENERAL table contains general announcements text for show.
      • UT.ANNOUNCEMENT.PERSONAL table contains personal announcements text for show.
      • UT.WEAPON table contains weapon mastery definitions, weapon, soundfile name and kills.
      • UT.ANNOUNCEMENT.WEAPON table contains messages to show for weapon mastery announcement.
> Yes, bots are performing headshots (almost) all the time.
> In the package, are included an improved wrapper.lua, with a color library, documentation as comments and many useful functions added.

> You can do whatever you want with this mod .
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20.03.18 07:06:10 pm
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Not bad, but the code ain't the best imo
20.03.18 03:02:11 am
like I like it!
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nice one bro
20.03.18 02:26:51 am
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I tested it on dedicated server, it works for me (Windows).
Be sure you have the latest version of dedicated server.
19.03.18 04:58:40 pm
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Killstreak based on time doesnt work on dedicated servers, idk why.
19.03.18 03:57:49 pm
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The code isn't much good
18.03.18 08:21:27 am
like I like it!
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Good job
18.03.18 05:52:18 am
like I like it!
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Looks like you worked a lot on this. Definitely deserves a like
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