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old Spanish Mod 2022

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Hello friends, first of all I clarify that I am using a translator, my apologies if this is not so clear.
Well, this year I remembered this game that I played many, many years ago. It occurred to me to look for a translation in Spanish, and in this forum I found the contribution of the user EstebanLB.

His translation was very well done, although it was not complete. So I took this as a match and tried to complete it. I think it is 100% translated, I have translated the maps as well.
Note: I couldn't add the ñ character, nor the accents. Although it is understandable anyway.

When I finished it (several months ago) I was planning to upload it here at some point, but I forgot about it until today.
Today I was about to format my computer and I remembered the translation. And I said, I have to upload it! Since it had taken me a long time.

Well, without more to say, I attach the translated files of this great game.

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453 kb, 175 Downloads


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Oops, I commented on the wrong post.
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I like it!


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I almost got scared by the first sentence, that you used translator and uploaded a translation

well done, I am afraid not the best to like it though. Not sure how well written it is.
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