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old Zombie Plague Script (v 1.15)

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{No|Limit} Zombie Plague Server Script By Blazzingxx

=== Info ===
√ Zombie Plague Mod Based From CS
> Version: 1.15 (Beta)
> Release Date: 2010/04/14
> Author: Blazzingxx
> Website:

=== 1.15b Update ===
!hElP - capital letters are welcome.
Some knockback improvements.
Server files transfer list.
"!giveap <id> <ap>"
Flashlight sometimes works wrong.
Zombie '0 dmg = 1 hit" wasn't working.
"M" - mine ID wasn't working in buildings configuration.
Knockback won't require any files.

=== Script Features ===
∗ = General/Basics =
Note: Use Zombie Plague 1.1b maps to make it work properly.
• Each level you need more experience.
• For killing zombie get experience & ammo packs.
• For each infected survivor get experience & ammo packs.
• Well finished messages and hudtexts.
• Zombie Ability to unstuck.
• Weapons unlocking mode.
• Help file appears on right of screen. (After joining)
• Ability to change money to ammo packs.
• Zombie Plague tips for zombies and humans at spawm.
• Zombie Plague Help File.

∗ = Customizable Weapon Levels Feature =
Note: You can configurate this feature in "sys/lua/zombieplague/zp_weapons.cfg" file.
• Ability to remove & add weapon levels.
• 10 levels with 20 weapons as default.
• Weapon configuration have 5 states.
• = #addweapon - Weapon add mark.
• = 1st state [Name] - Weapon name.
• = 2nd state [Level] - Weapon level.
• = 3rd state [Item] - Weapon ID.
• = 4th state [Knock] - Weapon knockback.
• = 5th state [Damage] - Weapon damage.
> Example Of Weapon Level Adding:
#addweapon : Wrench : 74 : 0 : 0 : 5

∗ = Customizable Zombie Classes Feature =
Note: You can configurate this feature in "sys/lua/zombieplague/zp_classes.cfg" file.
• Ability to remove & add zombie classses.
• 8 zombie classes as default.
• Classes configuration have 6 states.
• = #addclass - Class add mark.
• = 1st state [Name] - Zombie class name.
• = 2nd state [Health] - Zombie health.
• = 3rd state [Speed] - Zombie speed.
• = 4th state [Knock] - Zombie knockback.
• = 5th state [Dmg] - Zombie damage.
• = 6th state [Item] - Zombie item ID.
> Example Of Class Adding:
#addclass : Invisible Zombie : 1125 : 3 : 3 : 50 : 84

∗ = Customizable Items Feature =
Note: You can configurate this feature in "sys/lua/zombieplague/zp_items.cfg" file.
• Ability to remove & add survivor, zombie items.
• 14 items as default.
• Items configuration have 6 states & 2 add marks.
• = 1st mark: #addhumanitem - Mark to add human item.
• = 2nd mark: #addzombieitem - Mark to add zombie item.
• = 1st state [Name] - Item name.
• = 2nd state [Packs] - Ammo packs to buy item.
• = 3rd state [Item] - Item ID.
• = 4th state [HP] - Item gives health.
• = 5th state [Armor] - Item gives armor.
• = 6th state [Speed] - Item gives speed.
> Example Of Item Adding:
#addhumanitem : Invisibility : 15: 84 : 0 : 0 : 0

∗ = Customizable Buildings Feature =
Note: You can add building in same "zp_items.cfg" file.
• Ability to remove & add survivor buildings.
• 1 building as default.
• Building configuration have 4 states.
• = 1st state [Name] - Building Name.
• = 2nd state [Packs] - Ammo Packs For Building.
• = 3rd state [C_x] - Player X position in building.
• = 4th state [C_y] - Player Y position in building.
• You need to create building Char file in "sys/lua/zombieplague/zp_buildings/[Building name].txt"
• You also have to read small ZP char files toturial which located "sys/lua/zombieplague/zp_buildings/ZPBuildingInfo.txt"
> File example looks like that.

∗ = General Configuration Feature =
Note: Configuration file located "sys/lua/zombieplague/zp_config.cfg"
• 31 option to change.
• Ability to turn on, off features.
• Ability to increase & decrease options.

∗ = Save & Load Feature =
• U.S.G.N. Users Saves Available.
• Server can have up to 40000 saves.
• Many saves wont slow down server.
• Server saves exp and ap, but loads lvl, needxp, xp, ap.

∗ = Serveractions, menu feature =
• All serveractions in use.
• [F2] - Opens ZP main menu.
• [F3] - Controls flashlight.
• [F4] - Close main help file.

∗ = Human Flashlight Feature =
Note: You can use configuration to turn on, off this feature.
• Survivors have flashlight.
• You can control flashlight with [F3], 2nd serveraction.
• Flashlight battery bar is shown on hud.
• Lower battery equals weaker flashlight.

∗ = Knockback Feature =
Attention: This feature will turn-off itself if script wont find knockback file.
Note: You can use configuration to disable this feature.
• Improved possitions of knockback.
• Weapons have different levels of knockback.
• Each zombie class have own knockback.
• Knockback wall bug was fixed with special knockback files.
• Knockback file "maps/[map name]_knockback.txt"

∗ = Say Commands =
• 10 say commands available.
• !help - Main ZP menu.
• !class - Choose Class.
• !weapons - Select Weapon.
• !hm_shop - Human Shop.
• !zm_shop - Zombie Shop.
• !unstuck - Zombie Unstuck.
• !buy_ap - Buy Ammo Packs.
• !commands - Shows Say commands.
• !giveap <id> <ap> - Give Own Ammo Packs.
• !whatstats <id> <ap> - Give Own Ammo Packs.

∗ = Console Commands =
• 10 console commands available.
• zp_list_players - List of players.
• zp_list_cmd - Console commands list.
• zp_list_say - Say commands list.
• zp_give_xp <id> <xp> - Give xp for player.
• zp_give_lvl <id> <lvl> - Give levels for player.
• zp_give_ap <id> <ap> - Give ammo packs for player.
• zp_give_all <ap> - Give ammo packs for all.
• zp_set_xp <id> <xp> - Set xp for player.
• zp_set_lvl <id> <lvl> - Set level for player.
• zp_set_ap <id> <ap> - Set ammo packs for player.

∗ = Maps Feature =
Note: Use Zombie Plague maps to transfer GFX & SFX.
• This Version includes 3 maps.
• zp_dust_darkness + Knockback File
• zp_dust2_darkness + Knockback File
• zp_suntec_darkness + Knockback File

=== Installation. How to use ===
> Extract downloaded zombie plague in CS2D folder.
> If there is still some questions, contact me.

=== Contacts ===
> Unreal Software User:
> U.S.G.N. : 15811
> E-Mail : - Email address (only visible with login) -
> Website:
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403 kb, 18,536 Downloads


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User Off Offline

I cant drop any item as survivor, why and how to fix it???
I like it!
edited 1×, last 22.10.22 08:39:54 pm

old need map

User Off Offline

as it is called the map with the graphics of average life that you put to show the functions of the script the image of the map. Copy this link and you will know which map I am talking about: http: // t = 1405174557
I like it!

old Love it

User Off Offline

im playing with my friends this mode all day !
I like it!

old I remember

User Off Offline

I remember that I modified this Zombie Script Mod,I make more zombies,tools,ammopacks,buildings,humans items.

P.S. I added Wrench on the game.
I like it!


Reed HD
User Off Offline

I have an idea, why not make a mod where weapons of the game have to level up
and at each level you can improve something you

Example: Increased bullets, shutter speed, more damage, velovidad recharge, ect
things so I think it would be great and I would like someone would make a mod so well I hope that someone reading this comment the idea of doing comes to mind.

sorry for my bad English
I like it!


Mami Tomoe
User Off Offline

I like
I like it!


Moderator Off Offline

@user Alone: That issue is self explanatory. It says the zp_config.cfg file is missing or you put it in the wrong directory. Did you extract all the files properly?

P.S: It's advisable to not run this script on autorun anyway.


User Off Offline

i open my server and and: LUA ERROR: cannot open sys/lua/zombieplague/zp_config.cfg: No such file or directory
-> [C]: in function 'dofile'
-> sys/lua/autorun/Zombieplague.lua:11: in main chunk

error please help
I like it!

old Good!

User Off Offline

Good script/mod!But the flashlight will be useless on new version of cs2d.
I like it!


User Off Offline

ok thanks @ZxC


Moderator Off Offline

@user juanicooo: This script doesn't include as pre-installed administration script so there's no way to become an admin or using administration powers directly (unless you use the server commands). But you can do that indirectly though.

Although, first of, since this script already occupies all the action button of cs2d lua hook serveraction hook (F2, F3 and F4) it will lead to conflicts by using another script which uses same buttons (i.e. an administration script using a menu panel controlled by those).

So, the only alternative is by downloading an admin script that uses commands through say only, so we can be sure nothing would lead to bugs and such. A good example is this, file cs2d [Yank] Bass Powertool (Admin Script) .


User Off Offline

how to be an admin in this lua?


User Off Offline

Good job!
I like it!

old ;)

User Off Offline

Now the only thing we need is Zombie Plague script which includes Headshot script (that means if Zombies are killed by a headshot they will not spawn until end of the round. As every zombie killed in the head,humans win).
At least this is what I saw in Crossfire.
(Oh,and I have nothing to say about the mod because it is cool)
I like it!


BANNED Off Offline

Nice script yet
I like it!

old Wow

User Off Offline

I like is Legend Lua Scripts . I loving Your Script
I like it!
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