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01.05.11 04:16:10 pm
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Shotty Balle
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Hi guys!

Well, this is a hat pack made by me.
I created them with Gimp.
Some servers use it in combination with Häppy C@mpers HC Admin Script where you can wear hats as vip, mod1/2 or admin. You can add them in this script to wear them.

Hat pack includes:
• Backpacker
• Basecap grey
• Cowboy hat
• Flower
• Homer Simpson
• Kirby
• Luigi
• Mario
• Megaman
• Pikachu
• Pinocchio
• Sonic
• Toad
• Yoshi

√ You can use it on your server!
× Please don't say it's yours or made by you!
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01.05.11 04:21:25 pm
like I like it!
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Hey, I often play on the ctf server where it is used on.
I am a VIP there too, and I always wear an umbrella hat...
Why it is not the list?

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