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I Make this Maps Is Very Long Time and Fix Many Version =.=!
I make it for cZ clan and want share for all

This is version 2.4 of Maps
Maps Have :
+add message (player can know here is Day or Night)
+add weather (sometime have thunder)
+2 room Sell Item (Eat)
+1 room sell hat
+4 room sell weapons
+1 room sell wings and sell ammo
+1 room sell ticket (buy ticket join event << it lol )
+1 room sell cars
+2 bed-room (player rest in here )
+1 room television and couch (player see TV in sofa)
+1 gate (add NPC) to go kill monster
+15 house for player (buy)
+1 Room Center have ? 4 sofa and have some trees
+4 Big Fight space (Spawn pokemon in here)
+1 room event and fight place event
+3 event done,but can use 2 event because (1 event need lua)
+1 house transfer (add item transfer help delete some image in servetransfer)
+And some ghost house in fight space (monster spawn)
+Some image (I make for lua and add in maps)

√ I Make Some Image in Maps
√ I Test map and it Ok
√ Said to your friends
You can :
√ Download it
√ Use it and have fun
√ Not Edit It
√ Not Say It You
√ Join My server to see lua work in maps

us My usgn : 20157
yahoo : - E-Mail address (visible to registered users only) -
or - E-Mail address (visible to registered users only) -

hey this is RPG/tibia maps
need lua to work
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09.05.11 08:54:11 am
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what name ofg the lua
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