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30.09.11 05:42:33 am
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The point system error in a V0.4.1

• v0.4.2:
• FIXED point system error when started(attempt to call mp_infammo(a nil value))
• v0.4.1:
• CHANGED you don't need wrapper anymore, because all wrapper has been added to pointscript.lua
• REMOVED Enemy Down message when bot killing, it annoying when there is a too many bots
• v0.4:
• ADDED file cs2d Exploding Bullets(*Updated*) (12) by user Jynxxx
• ADDED Scope Position
• ADDED Change say system by say system(say: !say "saysysid" "colorid")
• CHANGED now there is a 30 level
• FIXED if you died, you recieve xp. if you kill, not recieve xp
• REMOVED xp animation
• v0.3:
• ADDED settings menu(F3)
• CHANGED you need level 3 to use say system
• CHANGED add xp animation
• FIXED killbot message bug
• FIXED weapon bug(if somebody spawn, it will cause your weapon and armor full)
• v0.2:
• ADDED 2 language(indonesia and english. only can choiced when change team)
• ADDED killing and dead message
• ADDED addtional weapon(pick one or more weapon)
• ADDED and more
• CHANGED now first resetscore is 3
• CHANGED now adding level more easy
• CHANGED now we have 25 level
• CHANGED updated reqlvlup, now using table
• CHANGED and more
• v0.1:
• ADDED release point system

How to Install:
• extract pointscript.lua and "xp system"(without quotes) folder at sys/lua folder to <cs2ddir>/sys/lua
• open server.lua and wtite this at end of server.lua

• close and save server.lua and the lua has been installed

√ Use it at your server
√ Edit it w/o my permission(but don't reupload on us.de)
√ Say user MikuAuahDark made it
√ Reupload at another site but put me at credits
× Say this is yours
× Steal
× Re-upload again at unrealsoftware

• user MikuAuahDark - The idea
• user EngiN33R - He help me alot on scripting(Scope position for example)
• user Jynxxx - Thanks for the file cs2d Exploding Bullets(*Updated*) (12)

• Older version can be found here
• Don't delete xp system folder because level, xp, kills, deaths, resetscore, and explode bullets are saved in xp system folder
• When you find bugs, just leave comment here

Changelog on v0.5
ADDED Weapon unlock(inspirated by user SQ's file cs2d Zombie Plague Script (v 1.15) (202))
ADDED Allinfo(F3 > Allinfo)
ADDED file cs2d Hitbox (3)(unlag version)
CHANGED Optimized Size
CHANGED Say System is now can be edited easily
CHANGED Lua name now is "pointsystem.lua" instead of "pointscript.lua"
CHANGED Written data, it have been better now, save from v0.4 can to converted with

user MikuAuahDark has written:
Why the updates takes so long?
this is because im very busy because working for thread cs2d Real-Life Rolelife and i currently forgot what features that have been added at v0.5 so i need to rewrite the code(maybe the whole code to make it smaller)
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30.09.11 11:04:55 am
like I like it!
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point system means i dont know to, idlers, i hate your shitty font style but you lua awesome because i dont know how to build one xD!
30.09.11 10:42:22 am
like I like it!
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I can only see shits when you use that font.
BTW I don't understand what is "Point System" is.
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