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old Basic Roleplay extended V1.3

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Hello people,
This is my first uploaded script, hope you enjoy it.

The script is set to fit to file cs2d City life by Misho v1.5 .and file cs2d Smiley City.
With the unique map choice system, you can have 3 maps to switch between from.

To install this script,
1. Download the file.
2. Unzip it and move the files to your cs2d.
----Make sure the file sys matches the file sys in your cs2d folder.
3. Cover every file in your folder.
4. Go to sys/lua/IF/admins.txt. Edit the file using your usgn.
--For example 12345 1 ,"12345" is your usgn,"1" is your level(max 3 lowest 1).
5. Go to sys/lua/IF/roleplay.txt. Edit the file if you want.
6. To give players Vip, please edit the vip.txt
type in the vip player's usgn.
7. Run cs2d and tata it is installed!

The lua contains functions of,
∗ Money and drop system.
∗ Save position and teleport.
∗ Instant equip.
∗ Car mode.
∗ Add-ons.
∗ VIP system.
∗ CT wall hack.
∗ Say tag and join message.
∗ God mode.
∗ Ct commands
∗ License system
∗ Server options
∗ Speed mode
∗ Usp bring gun.
∗ Glock heal.
∗ Machete bomb.
∗ Multimap sys
∗ Build menu

Ct commands with full flexibility:

You are able to change the ability of different admin levels.
!m <id> <amount> --money
!s <id> <speed> (-100 ~ 100) --speed
!k <id> --kill
!ban <id> --ban
!i <id> --info
!a <id> <cell> --Arrest
!f <id> -- Free
!ct <id> --Make Ct
!b <id> --bring a player
!bringall --bringall players
!h --spawn medic
!g <id> --goto a player
!kick <id> --kick

More >

Me for making it.
King Arash ( add-on script )
user Starkkz (Original script)
Claim your rights if I sampled any of your lua.

Quite laggy when bot is added(not sure if it is for the script).
Msging system.
Lag in drop sys.
Pm me if you spot any bug.

Next update:
More >

More >

× You may not re-upload.
× You may not edit hooks.lua and functions.lua
√ Use on your server.
√ tell me your opinion.

Thank you for downloading.
Please always check for updates.{Actually I'm not playing this game anymore}

I given everyone the rightful credits,nothing is stolen. Laurence is a asshole and a hacker, trying to ruin everything i make.
edited 24×, last 27.04.12 06:21:28 pm
Approved by Starkkz

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232 kb, 3,987 Downloads


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Laurence is gay, yeah?

Laurence seriously learn English dude and go to the mental hospital, come back after 1 year.
I like it!


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What i say is the truth,right about laurence?. Here the proof, You see right laurence is bad?


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Basicly we can report this man because he saying this script is have a keylogger, Did lua script can be a keylogger? Idiot! , Question, did we need report this idiot man (laurence)


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@user SeekRin:
Sorry, Its fixed now.

old Bat

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IF Script Problems Commands Admin Ok
I like it!


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Machete Bomb & Glock Heal.
Starkkz did it before in his RP script (You can find my edited one of his RP on my Profile)
Also. Nice job!
I like it!


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@if Becareful to laurence0019 he always stole uploaded file archive... He upload citylife server same like you too



Supporting this script,

laurence learn English.
I like it!


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laurence learn English.

Cool role play script.
I like it!


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@user DarkSucker:
What are you going to do? Re-upload my script? Fail at English.

old this script is suck

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this script is not real created By IF soon i will reavel the real script he onl edit this fuck shit hes a traitor and fucking noob vice leader


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The best thing is I'm not part of Fb clan.
I will add King arash to the credit.

The messaging is mine, assholes. I saw that from HC so I thought I could add something similar.

I have never seen your lua so how can I steal it? You are accusing me of steal an invisible thing?


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you still alive ?
FB Clan dead
And this script only edit ( post your own )


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@if I know it you already put credits but can you write King Arash as the Original Author and My female_wings.png.
btw I think you not need the message script because there is already exist in your lua scirpt before you made it

@Jony_Sky I have lua script but i never upload it, Did you see how angry if someone accused of something he not do it? I forgot who do that (But i know it uploaded by FB Clan) and it happen in US! Someone fb clan member (I think Redhot or what the name) upload a citylie lua script with his own version but he copy my server name and other like advertise.lua and some part of his pic is saying this server is hosted by even the real was not.. FB already stole everything was mine because i left it but soon as possible i will take it back. And as i know looks like from your says i think you are fb clan member because you are very support fb clan at this file archive, btw when I say fb always steal my lua?

FB Clan Stole My forums style , my nickname , my map and manymore ...


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When the instructions in the Settings ct
I like it!


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@user dizziness:
Before you say this , did you even bother to read the credits?
I know I used someone's add-on script and I don't know who.

I made the messaging my self, you are such a dick that you didn't even read the script.
edited 1×, last 12.11.11 03:58:27 pm


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@user dizziness: Man You Always Say (Steal My Lua)

And I See Your Commantaire In This File Fb_City-Life You Say FB Alwways Steal My Lua

You Dont Have Lua

And That Lua Awwesome
I like it!


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Everyone, Stop liking this lua script it stolen! He even not put credits for the who are starting making this lua script...

And you stole mine.. (Female_wings.png WTF? The real name was wings.png) and (wings.png (Not made by me) the real name was bal2.png)

08/11/2011 v1.0:
Ist release.

11/11/2011 v1.1 :
Added private message, (What is this? The original roleplay script already have this you just trying to make people think it made by you but the real was not you just delet it in first release...)
Added CT car,
Improved buy menu,

And maybe i can say my roleplay version is better than this because alot of bugs has been fixed there and the map is better too... and it easy for newbie uses
edited 1×, last 12.11.11 03:51:52 am
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