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Tired of having another boring round on de_dust again? Want something more than just enemies to look after?
With this, every round will have a few twists to them. Every such gimmick lasts only for a short while and it may or may not give you an advantage, depending on the situation. Cornered with low health? Here comes the health gimmick regenerating your health so you can make a comeback, but beware, every other person's health gets regenerated too! Just so you can know and keep track of the stuff as it's happening, there is a timeline on the HUD which shows the current progress in the round and when the gimmicks start.
I recommend using this script in the Standard game mode.

To install it just put the files included into their respective folders, and put "dofile("sys/lua/Gimmicks.lua")" in your server.lua , or set your mp_luaserver as "Gimmicks.lua".

Have fun!
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9 kb, 487 Downloads


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Random gameplay twists like damage changes, health regeneration or speed changes that happen during a round with this.


Infinite Rain
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I didnt get it, what is gimmicks?
I like it!

old Gooood

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Goood Script I Ilike It!!
I like it!
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