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English Regarding the Sprays

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Hi DC and everyone who use Unreal Software forum!

I have a question about the sprays.
When we make cs2d map tiles, we surely make the file as a bmp file. While when the file turns to a bmp file, all the colors used in the tiles normally stays the same without any change. (or maybe some changes may happen..) But how about sprays?

Can't the sprays be supporting multi-colors?
I'm curious why does the sprays only gets supported in grayscale and has to be in 8 colors.

I hope it could be supported with multi-colors so that other people can easily make sprays and make some boost

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tkd already gave you the reason why this will never ever happen.

to make things clear: I'll change NOTHING which is related with sprays! so no more suggestions on that please.

facts (which will not change!)
- size 32x32 pixels
- no animations
- one color/grayscale only
- 8 colors to choose from

(btw: this has been suggested 1 mio times + you could have used the suggestions thread)
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