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21.06.09 02:37:09 am
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I checked out in the controls,in some of newbie questions and all that stuff,i want my file to have screenshots..
I dont see any key which lets you make screenshots..
Excuse me if i didn't check good, i am new at Stranded II, i tried out the Kidnap Mod,i couldn't even start the campaign as it was hard, so i just uploaded my map.
¡Now the page requests for some screenshots that i can't upload!
I figured it out,as i didn't knew how to install mods i dropped the content in mods and that's it.
It replaced Stranded II.
Now i wonder,where are my screens?
I just looked for them
Or they don't get taken or my stranded is baaaaad
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21.06.09 02:40:06 am
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Press F1 tp take a screenshot
they will be saved in mods/YOURMOD/
name: screen_XXXXX.bmp
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31.08.09 10:37:44 am
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u am i am download fraps and i can pick screenshots in jpg if i take normal stranded 2 screenshot i can t upload it if i take with fraps its work interesting not
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