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26.07.09 10:11:00 pm
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Tourments organizations "Pro Clan League Project" give u chance to play with friends in new Cup "Summer 4on4 Clan CUP ", We want invite all of u to play with us. This Cup is for all teams who want play. If you have 4 players or more in team u can register and fight.
there u have rules of this cup:

"1. Genral
a) Tournament will be end with the end of holidays (this date can be sligthly modificated)
b) In the tournament can participate a team which:: at least 4 players in a team, each has got individual, unique USGN account, One player can be only registered with one team*
c) For playing each there is a period of time about a week (this period of time can laso be changed during the tournament)
d) To participate you must register your team in proper topic
e) During the tournament any type of changing teams is forbidden, each player playe in the team he was registered with
f) Before the match each player must take a screenshot with the score table, if someone has got ping timeout, or leave the server for some reasons another screenshot is recommended (if someone wants to see screens all players must post them, lackness of only one can be punished with w/o)

2. Server settings
a) We play on map chosen for the proper round.
b) Time round is 3 minutes
c) Fog Of War is ON
d) Buytime is 30 sec
e) Freezetime is 5 sec
f) Startmoney is 800$

3. Match rules
a) Match consist of two halves each with 12 rounds, 12 rounds n terrorist and 12 in counter-terrorist
b) Sniper weapon is forbidden (that means: scout, awp, gsg, sg550)
c) At beggining you choose the side by communicating , w razie braku mozliwosci if you can't agree you must play knife round to determine the sides.
d) If there is a draw overtime must be played - 3 rounds in t and 3 in ct, with 16000$ for start

4. Promotion conditions
a) Winner gets promotion
b) Loser fall to the losers ladder, where he still have chance for winning.
c) After 2 losses team is knocked aout from the tournament.

5. After-match conditions
a) Every team must post 2 screenshot with the scoretables (after the two halves of the match) and also to post the match result - without screenshots and confirmation the team can even lose by w/o
b) Person with the rcon password must do and post screenshot with the participants of the match (it means a console screenshot after typing "rcon listplayers" - it must show ip and usgn of each player)
c) Every posted allusion, problems please note with screenshot - like inproper opponent behavior, or players pings.
d) Every team if is suspision about some player can ask him for screenshots (it means screenshot with scoretable before the match) - these askings must be posted short after match.

* Person which will be trying to bypass it will be punished - the clans of that person will be disqualified"

U know, rules can change before starts - but that will be only litle changes.

We will starting this tourment when we have 8/16/24/32 clans/teams
but when we have only 20 then 4 last registered clans dont play

u can register on this forum: http://www.pcl.webplus.net.pl/viewforum.php?f=104

btw. PCLP organising many another cups/events come to us and register - probably in next month this forum will be only for people who talk in english (now u can read them many topic in poland :P) but dont worry

p.s PCLP forum: http://www.pcl.webplus.net.pl

when u have some questuion ask there or forum PCLP in Summer 4on4 clan cup section (better option is asking on PCLP forum :))
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