English March 9, 2011: Dawn of the Unity Wave

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10.03.11 08:48:42 am
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All this chatter about another "prophesy".
Let this be a lesson in learning.

1: The mayan prophesy was a little more vague stating "a great terror will appear" on roughly said date. However, that's what we've interpreted from a language none of us speak to any degree of fluency. And yet, we go into so much detail saying it's gonna be the end of the world by a great flood and such... Who are we to assume we understand their linguistical connotations or grammatical structure to such an accurate degree?

2: They used a different calendar system and this March 9th date is one mathematical interpretation of the date, another sets it in December 2012... So we got roughly a couple of years range as an error margin at least, and that's the best mathematics can do, but then there's bible's mathematically calculated date for existance, well... Either God's wrong or the mathematical method for interpretation of old numeric systems may not be as exact as people think, being that you have to convert between different time systems.

3: Panic, despite what your parents tell you, DOES get attention, and causing panic like this is a good way to get noticed. But like any individual, you panic them for no reason, they'll be angry at wasting the energy, so don't get people stressed unless you're sure you're factually 100% correct... Panic is a tool frequently used by the media and as much as people say, "I'm not influenced by the media", you literally cannot avoid it, being that media includes any games, clothes, food, furniture you buy, any wall you see in the street, signs, vehicles, TV, internet. Socially elite circles use it as a tool to change the feeling of the current generation to attain a desired outcome... One of the first rules of brainwashing is to break the initial programming by battering the same message in again and again.

4: The world might end in our lifetime. It's possible... But you can either assume it's already on the way and panic for the remaineder of your life or assume it's not coming at all and get on with trying to maintain the planet's existance... If this didn't kill us, then the state of this planet will still degrade and eventually collapse from underneath us anyway... We can't prevent the end of the world by catastrophic means, but we can stop it degrading to ruin.

If we ever do find out the world is gonna end, believe, it'll be too late to do anything then. Hell, people are destroying the world right now. We all know about it and most of us are contributing, but in the end, we don't do anything meaningful to turn it around because we've been successfully brainwashed into believing that one person can't make a difference. If you believe that, you're more complacent and easily manipulated by a social elite that will happily work your complacent body to death and if we actually start feeling the oppression, they just "implement change" (the new political buzz phraze) and hope by modifying 5 mins of our day that they'll change the fact that with their guidance, we've raped the lands of many useful resources and left a pretty well used and dying world for the future generations to try and salvage.

I'm ashamed at my own part in this. I'm even more ashamed that my own species, my family, my brothers and sisters of this generation and those that ushered us in, try to deny their part by saying "We didn't ask for this!" when they contributed to it's inception by their actions or negate it by saying "It's not so bad that we screwed the world! Some divine intervention will destroy the world anyways!"

God ain't gonna kill us, I'm quite certain we can do that to ourselves without any help whatsoever.

*Slaps himself*
What the hell are we doing to ourselves? What are we doing to our planet? We need to sort ourselves out before the agar in this petri dish of a planet dries up and the bacteria (us) die... I ain't looking to hang about. We NEED to be up in the stars and soon. And that's just science, mathematics and base functions of the universal reality... That comes before any religious prophecy.

(BTW: I'm not athiest or agnostic. I have no specified religion. Even though I am open to the possibility of divinity, my base starting point is science.)
10.03.11 09:59:02 am
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@Psytechnic that must've take a long time to write, good job

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Nah, he's safe and sound, sheltered by his bunker. Still praying.
That made my day. Haha.

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