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26.07.11 01:30:08 pm
amstel bier9
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hi there people,

i was wondering if there is a script to place 2 blocks on each other (like in minecraft)
so when you mine the upper one, the lower one still stays.

thx already,
and sorry for my bad English.
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27.07.11 08:29:30 pm
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I think it might be possible, using a location finder.

But, it would be a large, and complicated script, that would have to include every block in your minecraft mod, and for sand, it would have to run every sec...
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27.07.11 08:48:58 pm
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make a model of a simple cube and divide it into 6 different models, 1 for each side of the cube.

then make your own type of info.
write a script which you write into the global script box of a map which starts an event upon on:start.

when this event is triggered there shall be created plenty of the new infos, in a pattern like the blocks in minecraft.
you can use s2 cmd loop, s2 cmd loop_id, s2 cmd create, s2 cmd setat, s2 cmd rpos and some variables for this.

write a script into the definition file of the info so that when it is created it will create one of each of the different pieces which form a cube together.
use s2 cmd setat to do place the tiles at the info.

then write different scripts into each of these tiles so that a new info is created when it is used and e.g. when using the upper tile of an existing cube the new info for a new cube is created above the already existing cube.
you can do this by using s2 cmd setat and s2 cmd rpos again.
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