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>> My suggestion is to create a command to add weapons to the game (with an order to be placed according to which weapon is put before the other).

> The command would be: addweapon (weapon class) (class of fire) (damage on impact) (folder name)
• Example: addweapon 1 2 22 M4A1

> Location of the weapon and errors:
• The weapon will have the name of the folder where you are.
• The weapons will be found at: gfx/weapons/addweapons
• The weapon sounds are housed at:: sfx/weapons/addweapons
• The id of the initial weapon will be 200, the other weapons created will have the id 201 and up.
• If the weapon you are trying to create is an invalid location. The program will advise that you must insert a valid location.
• If the weapon has no sound it will put a sound standard created by DC.

> Weapon class and class of fire:
∗ Class 1: Primary Weapon
• 1: Weapon common with a type of shot
• 2: Weapon common with silencer included. (Example: if on sfx/weapons/addweapons/MP9 is not placed MP9_silenced be assigned a default sound)
• 3: Weapon common trigger that can happen to burst mode.
• 4: Machine gun, this weapon will always come with a weight that will prevent much movement.
• 5: Rifle small with an increase (similar to Aug)
• 6: Rifle with increased. High damage, slow walking.
• 7: Rifle with two increased. High damage, slow walking.
• 8: Rocket Launcher which you can build your own rocket.
• 9: RPG Launcher that is placed on the shoulder (this does not come with the rocket launcher for the difference in weight)
• 10: shotgun (not to say about this)
• 11: Sub machine gun. This weapon will have stable and comfortable weight.
• 12: Sub Machine Gun two arms (hurts a little but spends twice as bullets). This weapon has the function of switching to an arm to spend less bullets (other weapon is kept in the back)
∗ Class 2: Secondary Weapon
• 1: Weapon with a single kind of shot.
• 2: Weapon including muffler.
• 3: Arms that includes burst mode.
• 4: two arms. saved by right clicking one of the weapons, weighs the same as a sub machine gun and bullets spends double.
∗ Class 3: contact Weapons:
• 1: an arm like a knife and machete.
• 2: two-armed claw Like
• 3: chainsaw (this weapon will have a standard smoke)
∗ Class 4: Explosives
• 1: Explosives like grenades.
• 2: Explosives containing deadly gas.
• 3: explosives that create a warm environment such as Molotov Cocktail
• 4: Explosives that reduce vision (given temporary blindness). When checked, the option to stay at 0 damage.
• 5: Smoke Grenade (no more details than that)
• 6: Air Strike (made by red smoke)
• 7: Air Strike (GPS emanating a red light)

> Editor:
∗ Maps can have guns, just select the option AddWeapon that was in Evn_item:
• Selecting this option will have to find the location of the folder.
• Must choose the kind of weapon damage and the type of shot.
• Since we are in edit you must choose a ID 200 and up (this time you generate it)

us I hope you will support my suggestion
13.02.12 12:57:39 pm
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It's been denied many times before and it will be denied still. To quote the words of DC, "CS2D isn't going to be any game making tool," rephrased a little. So sorry, but nope.
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