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14.01.22 01:02:13 am
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your ideas are over explained. relax, let DC make is game
14.01.22 05:16:30 pm
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user Jawohl : I would say adequately explained, and currently I am very relaxed. Also not obstructing progress on S3.

user ModJuicer has written:
Whether user DC uses these are up to him.

I think I provide enough freedom.

user Assassin moder has written:
No, its against game simplicity

The simplest game is a black screen. Is that fun to play? Also, you act like someone has to take a side in this, when all games are different. There is no "for" or "against" game simplicity. They are what they are. The experience matters more than what you think about how it was made. If you want game simplicity, play doom.
I stopped modding because it didn't explain quantum mechanics
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