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English New Collection of Stranded Mods

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old Re: New Collection of Stranded Mods

Marco McLane
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@user Geez:
> Have been removed from my list. Thank you @user Geez:

@user pupp3tStudios:
This is a bunch..
I wonder how they'll be complied together.

Thats not my intention. I want to make a Mod-Collection. That means not in one Mod but everybody can download the mod he/she wants to download!

@user Geez:
Easy Stranded:,22/easy-stranded,490.html

Link is dead.

Changes in this mod are:
- one Leaf required to build (any building)
- more health for player (10000),
- extended diving time (very long now),
- higher jump,
- much shorter planting time,
- shorter separation between plants,
- getting skills (hunting, fishing etc.) is now much easier,
- faster eating,
- very fast scythe attack,
- faster walking,
- you can carry more items (2.500.000 g)

> Added to list of available but file missing mods.

∗ Hopefully you user Geez: and user Assassin moder: could check out the rest of the links! Thank you very much!
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old Re: New Collection of Stranded Mods

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user Stranded_Guy2910 has written
But your idea is great. I remember I download some very old mod collection for stranded 2 long time ago but there were only about 10 mods and I can't remember where I found it.

I have it, it's in the german file archive, it has some extremely rare mods in it

old Re: New Collection of Stranded Mods

Marco McLane
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@user Geez:
Robinson Mod - only a idea thread. Has been started, but now is dead.

× Robinson Mod:,22/robinson-mod,166.html
> removed from list

@user Hador:
If you really want to make a list that won't just die away after 50 spam-threads in the forum, I would suggest you use the wiki ( List_of_Stranded_2_Modifications )

Problem: the wiki links mostly don´t work anymore, but someone could update it with the names of the mods I collected (in the wiki there are missing half of them).

An admin said to me, the link in this thread works in Russia, but in my country it doesn´t. Somebody (from there) please could check it and upload it again. The link (maybe) is only showed if you are logged in on that page. At the moment they do kind a maintenance work. The link:

old Re: New Collection of Stranded Mods

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@user Hador: if you're linking to a wiki page, select the wiki with the right language please

@user Marco McLane: you can just log in to the wiki with your unrealsoftware account and edit the page yourself
it is a community project so anyone who can and wants to contribute something is allowed to do so.

basically you just need to take a quick look at the syntax of the table to see how it works. then copy&paste those lines and replace the information for the new mod.

if you do edit the table, please keep the alphabetical order and put non-playable mods into the second table.

I think it's sad that not more people contribute to the wiki.
as you can see in the tables, it is meant that each mod can have its own wiki page with information about it and possibly some download mirrors on different hosters to keep the mods uploaded as long as possible to prevent more unavailable mods due to expired links from happening.

old Re: New Collection of Stranded Mods

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cast away mod does nothing. it doesn't work like it says, but even if it did, all it seems to do is allow new cooking abilities, but here were no fruits, veggies or meat sources on the tiny island, IF it WORKED and you could add it on like an extension, then it would be something.

Forest mod had a serious glitch. the horse menu popped up and would not go away. couldn't move or do anything. I got rid of it and was able to get around, but it was VERY glitchy, probably looking for that routine constantly. IT didn't seem very good, but it was hard to tell. hated the music at the sanctuary

It would be of great benefit to know which mods were "extensions that you could add to different versions of the game and what mods you CAN't add the extensions to. like, I found the 2.5 stranded, the best in many ways, but IT could use some new things, like barrels and crates that were containers. I also like the survivalist mods way of handing a fire like a container, nd some other stuff, (but it was WAY too hard because of a lot of hardships like sickness and cravings and damage from rain.

old Re: New Collection of Stranded Mods

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Ok. Cast Away mod for some reason only works the way it should in the German version.

> Some games are fun because they are hard. You just have to save your game a lot.

> A lot of these mods were a work in progress
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