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13.11.12 08:43:29 am
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hi guys
i'm going to make a new mod of a future war its going to -please dont say its going to fail-
if you have ideas please tell me we can make it together!

--- Reach ---
i need some help with gfx future soldiers
i have some awesome new future weapon gfx

thanks for pointing out my mistakes EndDead
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13.11.12 10:57:52 am
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-Chose a better title next time.
-Mod name? you didn't give one
-Make at least 25% of the mod then post your progress (so we can get an idea)
-It will have lots of guns? It's skins, you can't add new guns (Unless you are using user EngiN33R's weapons mod/script)
-If we have ideas we tell you? well we don't have any idea of what type of skins/things you want

Fix what i said, eh?
13.11.12 11:26:57 am
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This will be like the rest.
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