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26.02.13 03:20:33 pm
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Dc, why are you afraid to send the source code to create an android version of CS2D? After all, it will add the game popularity + can be CS2D everywhere => more players online, the more that place them we will not. Yes, indeed, is the question.
26.02.13 03:21:05 pm
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Because it's his code and people could misuse it.

26.02.13 03:24:28 pm
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Nameless Idiot.
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26.02.13 03:34:03 pm
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CS2D is closed source because I don't want people to mess with it or to use the source to write cheat clients. Moreover the source code has an incredibly huge value to me and Unreal Software. It would be quite careless to simply send it to random people. It might ruin CS2D completely (in worst case).

When talking about an Android version or mobile versions in general: I have the opinion that touch devices are not suited to control a game like CS2D. You won't have a great gaming experience (when using the same input/control system as the original game) and you would stand absolutely no chance when playing against someone who is using a super fast and precise mouse+keyboard combination for control.

For that reason it doesn't even make sense to develop mobile versions which allow you to join servers of the PC version of CS2D. I won't support things which do not make sense. Sorry.

Don't get that wrong: I'm not saying that a mobile version of CS2D wouldn't make sense. I'm just saying that it makes no sense to let mobile version players play against PC version players. It wouldn't be fair and It wouldn't be fun (well, at least not for the mobile players).

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