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English Request:Village Lua

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old Request:Village Lua

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Hi All!
I need you help to create a lua
1.Xp per sec
2.can speak to shopkepper(NPC)
3.can kill monster(but monster cant attack)
4.have inventory:Gold,Iron,Stone,Wood,Food
5.every attack a thing
ex:attack a breakable(use wood tile)get 10 wood or 12       wood ,attack a breakble(use stone tile)get 10 stone or 12 stone
6.every kill a monster get 10 food or 2 gold
7.have Vip License
8.shopkepper(NPC)sell weapon or any items


old Re: Request:Village Lua

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Nobody will make it for you kid.
Or if you pay some money, he will make it for you.

old Re: Request:Village Lua

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Chill out Adi, don´t call him kid only because he asks for something.

At topic: ask someone by pm. There are many good and free scripters. Or search file archive and mix some mods.

old Re: Request:Village Lua

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and please make for me a citylife lua with all functions and mod smod trainee ct admin superadmin and hoster
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