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English What browser do you prefer ?

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What browser do you prefer ?

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Google Chrome
45.12% (37)
15.85% (13)
Mozilla Firefox
29.27% (24)
Internet Explorer
2.44% (2)
2.44% (2)
4.88% (4)
82 votes cast

old Re: What browser do you prefer ?

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While my google chrome doesn't work I'm using Opera for now , and it's quite okay for me.
Try it out if you're searching for a good browser.

old Re: What browser do you prefer ?

Mr Muffin
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Opera was the second or fourth web browser to pass the Acid2 test (depending on opinions regarding hiding the scrollbar) and the first Windows browser to do so. Opera 10.5+ achieves a score of 100/100 on the Acid3 test which is primarily focused on DOM and JavaScript standards compliance.

old Mozilla Firefox has my vote


My opinion is that Mozilla has the best browsers, Firefox are one of them. I consider it the best browser simply due to that it's not owned by Google, it's multithreaded, it's open source. One of the disadvantages though are that it doesn't really have that fast V8 JavaScript Engine that Google Chrome has which is a big shame. I like Google Chrome to a certain extent but all in all Firefox has my vote due to the many plugins that you can have within it and I like Google Chrome due to the personas and nice easy-to-use interfaces.

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