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English [Tibia] Map Status

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old [Tibia] Map Status

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Well guys as you may know my rpg'' edited'' was removed by ugly, was getting cool liked several people, but the people who had complained of another famous'' tibia'' in which no one spoke anything'' mafia tibia ''by patrick and'' Tibia'' But that's not why I stopped with my project
I've been a full week arranging it
This topic is for people who seguen rpg if my dislike need not come here posting unnecessarily ugly would somehow

I had stopped in version 5.9 - was really ruin orivel'' map'' damaged'' script but I packed almost everything
added a new tile over HD
A faction system * 4 * teams
I'm also creating a neutral city in the world fin beneath icy biome
The RPG will come renewed and maybe post it if I get positive feedback on this topic
Rate this map please
Minimap * + * entity

old Re: [Tibia] Map Status

Night Till Death
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The map looks good... but the only thing will kill off the mod is the map size... I mean maximum players to play is 32 + 32 people do not need sooo much space... & who knows if 32 will even be playing this? Now dont get anything wrong it looks perfect for this sort of script... I mean managed to pull off a giant map with the tibia script & it worked out perfectly. The only thing i can say - try to make a central map point where all the players will be, most of the time... Unless you want them to speard out and get lost in your own map. You should also consider how many NPC's & monsters there are going to be... Too many cause much lag & not enough wont be fun or enjoyable. (anyway best luck)

old Re: [Tibia] Map Status

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I restored my hd and recovered some thing
Ok this the RPG
but has a limit of 99 npc
if the 100 crash
as the lag
I will remove all the trees of the world ,that will remove 70% of the lag
the system will have only one team pvp bug
you can choose your team during battle
if you have blue x red the player who is losing could choose another team during battle, can escape the battle

old Re: [Tibia] Map Status

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There are alot of bugs. Starting with the dropmoney and the spawnratio of the monsters.
Weak monsters sometimes drop 2.000.000 or more gold and even high lvl mobs spawn in beginning areas.
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