English Second DDos (routetwo)

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30.06.14 09:01:31 pm
CS2D Boss
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@user routeXYZ: has gived his USGN to Gio . Routetwo was friend of Gio . then Gio called his friend Danil(@user Danilwra:) then he crashed my server . now it's have an importance of DC . DC is creator of CS2D ... so I need DC help , DC is the professional of CS2D . I need your help DC!! my server is being crashed all times .
30.06.14 09:06:12 pm
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You're violating the rules. You already created a thread about this topic.
thread cs2d DDosed server (uphost.cf)

Please use the existing thread instead of spamming new threads. Also I can't help you and I already told you so:
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