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English My game: Undead District

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old My game: Undead District

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Some friends recomended me to upload the game somewhere, so here I am.

This is Undead District, a game I'm doing for fun.
In this game your city was overrun by unknown monsters and you are one of the survivors. You'll have to kill those monsters to procced.

Movement and actions are turn-bassed, you can take your time to plan your next move since the enemies react after you make an action.

I recomend playing this game with a numpad

Right now there are only 4 levels and I'll add more...when I get more ideas for more levels.

A download link:


Credits (also writen in the "Simple credits.txt" file).
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old Done

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Added 2 Screenshots
Did I miss something else?
Tell me if there is something unclear.

old closed one piece

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my game one piece

www joygames me

Admin/mod comment

I'm pretty sure it's not. /leiche
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