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English What is a clan

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old What is a clan

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I heard some people on chat talking about clans.What is a clan anyway,can i join it ?

old Re: What is a clan

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The clan is a group which has members into it, playing in the same game or another games, playing in tournaments and playing competitions/matches against another clans.
And an example for clans, |Storm_PL| is a famous clan for polish players since 2004.

Want more about clans?
Click here to see more clans!

And you can create your own clan by putting a nice tag (selected) near your name.
• Example: KilleRs' # GamerNewb.
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Clans are groups of players who play together. Most of the time, they also do "wars" against other clans or play in "clan tournaments".

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Clan is a form of community based on blood relations,

For example:
> From Japanese
     • Minamoto Clan, also known as Genji
     • Taira Clan, also known as Heishi
     • Fujiwara Clan
     • Tachibana Clan
     • and many more

> From Indonesian ("Batak" tribe clan)
     • Simanjuntak
     • Siahaan
     • Munthe
     • and many more

> And many more
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old Re: What is a clan

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Like other users said, a clan is a group based on members with different rank groups.
These rank groups may differ for each clan (they have different rank groups) but the most known group is the Clan Leader (the founder of respective clan and his/her principal objective is to handle the clan both the administration of it and such) and Vice Leader which is the helper of the clan leader and have half leader administration privilege (this depend on the situation). Other ranks like admin, moderator, VIP and such are other groups with different privileges (for example the admin and mod have the privilege to moderate the server of a clan against cheaters, break rules and so on) while the VIP is just an ordinary person with few or zero privilege (this depend on each clan).

The most principal thing about clans is one thing: Fighting.
In fact, the clans are mostly and obviously for fighting like participating in clan wars (war between two clans) or join in a competitive tournament or non-competitive, FW (Fun War) and other kinds.
Usually they do for victory and the serious clans like Storm_PL and other clans recruit professional players in many fields like being pro in M4A1, in M3 (shotgun) or almost all type of fields.
Moreover, the recruitement is the base of joining a player in a clan but first the respective player must be tested his/her skills by a tester or by the leader (if the player is more skilled or not) and this depend on each clan too.

And of course, you can join a clan but i tell you that the clans have different method of recruitement and some of them doesn't accept newbie players while some of them may accept randomly but it won't give an advantage for the clan if they accept randomly without testing it.
And yea there are other kinds of clans like Fun clan.

Also in CS2D, we got thousands and thousands of clan which some of them are dead and others are still active (you can search some in thread cs2d CS2D Clan Database).

Hope this may help you.

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I'd like to throw in, CS2D does not have an 'official' clan list.
It's up to the owner to get themselves a server, website, etc. AKA getting yourself 'heard' or 'official'.
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