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English What servers would you like to see?

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old What servers would you like to see?

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Attempting to startup a hosting company-type project on CS2D for practice, fun, etc... due to the lack of American based communities on CS2D. Due to me not wanting to host a shit load of useless servers with useless scripts, I want to hear what's popular, and what the players would want to see again.

No this isn't advertising.

As players of this community, what servers would you like to see? What would you play, what's popular, what do you want?

I love Superhero.... I definitely like the classic superhero or the older one by blazingxx with the custom gfx for rings, abilities, etc. I also love happy town or city life (There have to be admins on to reset the stores and give to the players).

I used to love zombie plaque, but the original one is boring (Death shadows had a member called Deatherr who hosted a custom ZP script.)

I love the minigames one (i'm not sure what it's called, this is a definite script on my list, anyone tell me the name? It has the rick roll song and hidden games, )

I love the 'fun' scripts hosted at de_dust, eg. LaG script.

I'm not sure if you guys like these, that's why I want to hear feedback. Not many people appreciate oldschool server scripts

Give me anything, i'm sure there might be some server hosters out there that might take from this thread. I'm interested!

old Re: What servers would you like to see?

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Really? REALLY? Another one?
What the hell? Do you even search, bro. At least, do you even see the Portal page threads?!?
thread cs2d What server would you like?
thread cs2d for which the server miss
All 3 threads are within 10 day span. It's not a big task to search, is it?
file cs2d Multigame 2! Beta 1 is the one ur talking about
HC// Fun is also nice and I made a copy of it but it's buggy (I'm fixing it atm) so you'll have to make a script like that.

However, if you actually SEARCHED, you would have found that many people advise to be creative and use something that hasn't been used before (one option is to create it yourself, the other is to download unused script).
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