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English mac pro

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old Re: mac pro

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"can't do xyz" is not enough information if you want us to help you in an efficient way.

Please provide details. You should at least tell us HOW you try to make it work and WHAT exactly happens. Are there any error messages for instance?

old Re: mac pro

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@user DC: Pretty sure he means he does not know exactly how to update the game version of CS2D. Commonly, most people update the game by the auto updater itself which it works only for Windows platforms.

Otherwise, in case if you downloaded and extracted what user Ace Howl mentioned but still nothing works, type "dtruss" (without quotes) in the Terminal.

I guess you know how to roll with this command alongside with CS2D, if not then copy what it's wrote below and memorize it in the future. It'll help you to trace any bug.
dtruss ./CounterStrike2D

old Re: mac pro

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when i open cs2d it shows i should update and i press update then it downloads the same file and it says i still should update
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