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English Pay for scripter

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old Re: Pay for scripter

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Here's one:
msg("I have no idea how to ask for help.")
That'll be 10$.

Joke's aside, if you want to get a script without revealing what it does, at least explain some things like the size of and expected difficulty of making it. Otherwise, reveal everything so everyone knows whether they should or shouldn't help you out (knowing the payment & the size and difficulty of it).

P.S. You should change thread topic accordingly.

old Re: Pay for scripter

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user G3tWr3ck3d has written
I pay you for football script

What kind? How does kicking the ball work? Is there a referee involved? Should the score be kept? How long does a match take? How are teams decided? How large is a team? What do other people do while waiting for a match to end? Are traditional rules kept? If not, what rules? If so, how do you want these to interact with the game?

I've got one hundred more questions like these. The thing is, you know what you want, yet you don't have a clue what the end result should be (aka not knowing what you want). Simply because you haven't thought about any of these things yet and thus we do not know how long it would take to make it and what the decent payment size should be.

Tell everyone exactly what you want or no one will want to help out - or the wrong people which think making something for someone else is like riding a bike. These kind of people are the worst coders ever, and you don't want bad coders do you?

old Re: Pay for scripter

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user SDKey's FIFA-2D (soccer) mod

Feature List:
• Ball physics(collision and spin)
• Direction kick, long kick and high kick and dribbling
• Improved bots navigation for football matches
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