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English Stranded III Crafting Poll

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Poll Poll

Which crafting system do you prefer?

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Guess and try combinations (like in SI and SII)
64.04% (73)
A list with combinations
35.96% (41)
114 votes cast

old Poll Stranded III Crafting Poll

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I need your opinion regarding the crafting in Stranded III.

Option 1: Guess and try combinations (like in SI and SII)
You don't have any list of combinations. All you can do is selecting some items and see what happens. Trial and error basically.

Option 2: A list with combinations
Many other games go for a list of items you can craft and show you the required items so you can just select what you want to craft. It would also be possible to hide more advanced combinations in the beginning and to unlock them with certain skills/buildings/tools (of course unlocking would also work with option 1 though). Furthermore there could be categories because there will be many possible combinations.

What do you prefer?

My personal opinion is that option 1 doesn't add much value. It's a bit frustrating, especially if combinations are more complex. So I would actually prefer option 2 but I would love to hear what you think!
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old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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Trial and error. But writing this stuff down on in-game notes would be awesome. Games also provide such notes without going through the trouble, but hide them.

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dead soul
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Perhaps a miss of both. At the start the list is empty but as you find combinations they are added to the list. That way you still have to find the combinations but don't have to take a lot of time for complex ones after making them for the first time. Also if there is a crafting skill you could put more hints in item description about what you can craft with it as you get more XP.

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I'd also vote to go for a mixture.
Trying to figure out new combinations were a big part of the fun I had with S2 when it was new to me.

And having an option to quickly select a combination and the amount to be crafted (slider from 1 to maximum number possible with the amount of ingredients the player has) should be available once the recipe has been discovered. (maybe the ability to select the amount could be unlocked as a low-level perk for the crafting skill, e.g. after crafting 10 things by hand?)

hints for combinations could then come from a number of places:
• item descriptions (which could indeed change, as user dead soul suggested, although it might be lot of work to create many meaningful variations and the conditions when they should be unlocked)
• feedback from the player character, e.g. when trying to create a hammer like in S2 (stone + branch) -> message/audio "Hmm, something is missing..." -> add greyed out version of "stone + hammer + ?" into the combination window (which I'd image to be like a different section of the diary book btw) -> maybe after a certain amount of fails give another hint to help the player: "I need something to hold them together" to make it clear that the new combination also requires a vine or rope?
• for more complex combinations (e.g. a pistol) blueprints could be found to unlock the combination directly or at least books or diaries written by other characters which describe certain processes by text only.

old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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Option 2.

Option 1 means I'll have to go to the forum and look up combinations that someone else will write soon after the game is released.
Option 2 means I won't have to do that.

I can see why some people would prefer Option 1. It adds another element into this whole exploration thing.

Perhaps you could do a simple checkbox for this. I cba to try out combinations so I might as well just tick 'show me a list of combinations'. Someone else will want to try out different combinations so they can untick it.

That's what I think. In the end, both options aren't very game-changing so people will get used to either regardless.

old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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i went for option 1; i agree that its frustrating sometimes; but the trial and error was one of my favorite things about S2
up to you ultimately; looks like the votes are almost 50/50 tied

perhaps you can have that as a 'new game option'
something you can tick like 'hide crafting recipes'
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old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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user dead soul has written
Perhaps a miss of both. At the start the list is empty but as you find combinations they are added to the list. That way you still have to find the combinations but don't have to take a lot of time for complex ones after making them for the first time. Also if there is a crafting skill you could put more hints in item description about what you can craft with it as you get more XP.

I agree, half the fun in Stranded II was finding items and trying them with different things in your inventory, although many might consider the system dated now. Mixing the two by requiring experimentation to unlock new recipes keeps the fun of trying to combine various items, and allows for other ways to unlock recipes.

old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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user Bambarbos has written
Definitely option 1. And the 2nd can be done as a mode 'for lazy kids with a guide in pants'

yes exactly.
i second this

congrats guys! the vote is currently the same as the Brexit vote bullocks 48-52

old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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I'm voting for a combination of both, because it was exactly like user Rainoth said: I figured out the most basic recipes on my own but after a while I couldn't figure out any more recipes and simply downloaded a recipe list - I was really surprised how many different recipes the game had.

The problem with the pure guess-crafting is that I'll never have the same vision of the crafting ingredients as the developer. Crafting an arrow will do with a stone+stick+feather for me. The dev (trying to add more realism) might go for flint+stick+feather and I will never know there's an additional step to the whole process.

My crafting mechanics proposal:
Image >

PS: A plain list of combinations is for pussies.
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old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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Note: This is not actually about an alchemy crafting method, read the whole post first.

I always liked how Skyrim implemented alchemy. It was always fun and exciting to mix ingredients based on absolutely nothing or on previous attempts.

For example, snowberries had the following effects:
• Resist fire
• Resist frost
• Resist shock
• Fortify Enchanting

(I remember this ingredient the most because it was the one I used like all of the time)

The effects were either unlocked by eating or using the ingredient in alchemy. At a novice level you would only unlock two out of four, later on you could unlock three and all four.

Basically, each ingredient told you what it may be good at doing, so mixing three ingredients which resist shock would give you a better potion than mixing two resist shock and one wheat. Yet mixing resist shock with a poison effect ingredient could end up giving you a damage potion of resist shock (yes it was that weird).

Anyway, seeing as this is about crafting - the same CAN be applied to resources. For example, wood can have the following "effects" / characteristics:
• Good for burning
• Sturdy material
• Can float

This could be used for the proposal of @user dead soul & @user Hurri04 and would be (in my opinion) a good way to make players explore the crafting results of any and every item they find (it would me). The higher the level of crafting you have the more characteristics you learn about resources, this is a shorter way of telling a player what can be done without having to write huge descriptions or "player diary entries."

old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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I will say this. Both of these crafting methods are good and offer an essence to the game-play but tastes differ. I remember the good old days when I played Stranded II and the extreme adventure where I could survive from dangerous animals, build up things to see what I get and so forth.

However, seeing that the first crafting method adds more realism in the game-play than the second does, I'd opt-in with the trial and error. The list of combinations isn't really bad nevertheless but that'd make things easier, wouldn't it?

P.S: If by any chance you decide to go for the second crafting method, at least try to enhance the difficulty at finding items otherwise everything would just be really easy and boring ultimately.

old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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Guess and try combinations certainly better. But a compromise its the book with combinations list in starting loot only on the easy difficulty level.

old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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Hmm Nummer 1 nervt wenn man seltsam unlogische Kombinationen hat.

Nummer 2 ist irgendwie etwas zu einfach.

eine erweiterte Nummer 1 wäre gut welche sich im Spiel merkt was man bereits getan hat und somit unmögliche Kombinationen ausschließt. Und ein Rezeptbuch welches bereits erkundete Enthält. Man kann es antelle eines Buches ja mal als Gehirn darstellen mit Erkenntnissen.

also Beispielsweise nehmen wir an wir haben 6 Gegenstände:

flint, Stein, Stock, muschel, Kokosnuss. und Lianen

Es gibt nun folgende möglichen Rezepte die aber noch unbekannt sind:

Stein + Liane + Stock = Hammer
Stein + Liane + Stock + Flint = Axt
Flint + Stein = Steinmesser

Nun gibt es 3 Ereignisse:

Ergebnis 1: Keine Kombination
legt der Spieler nun eine nicht exitierende Kombination zusammen (Kokossnuss + Stock) dann bekommt er die Rückmeldung: Das ist eine Nutzlose Kombination. Anschleißend wird nach ieder Erkenntnis beim Legen eines Stockes in das crafting Menü die Muschel ausgegraut oder rot hinterlegt um anzuzeigen daß die muschel keine Kombination mit dem Stock ergeben wird.

Ergebnis 2 eine Vollständige Kombiation:
legt der Spieler zum ersten mal eine vollständige Kombination zusammen wird die Erkenntnis eines neuen gegensatndes gewonnen. Also Stock + Stein + Liane wird als, "aha Das funktioniert" zurückgegeben En Hammer ist rezept entdeckt im Wissensbuch vermekt. Zukünftig wird auch das legen des STocks oder Steions in das crafting menü den Stein hervorheben oder grün hinterlegen um zu markieren, daß der Stein eine valide Kombination mit dem Stock ergibt.

And dieser Stelle bedeutet ies, daß der Spieler bereits einen Indikator haben wird welche Gegenstände er bereits versucht hat zu kombiieren mit erfolg (grün) , ohne erfolg (rot) und welche kombinationen noch nicht probiert wurden.

Weitehin gibt es dann aber noch Ergebnis nummer 3: Eine Unvollständige Kombination
Legt ein Spieler einen Stock und nur einen Stein ins Menü ist diese eine unvollständige Kombiation. Als Rückgabe gibts dann ein "hmm hier fehlt noch etwas" Also muss der Speiler noch etwas hinzulegen. Nimmt er jetzt eine Muschel ended er bei Ergebnis 1 und zukünftig wird die Muschel wieder rot sein wenn er Stock und Stein zusammen ins crafting menü legt.

Auf diese Weise kann der Spieler gezielt alle materialien durchprobieren und das Spiel merkt sich die validen und invaliden kombinationen. Da unterstützt beim gezielten Suchen, und reduziert den enlosen Kombinationshickhack vor allem wenn der Entwickler meint eine Arbrust brauch halt liane Stock und Eisen. während manch anderer meint, warum niocht nru aus Holz? In vereinfachten Spielen sind dierezepte ja nicht immer warheitsgetreu. Weiterhin erspart es dem SPieler kombinationen zu testen wie:

Stock+ Kokosnuss + Stein
Stock+ Kokosnuss + Muschel
Stock+ Kokosnuss + Flint.

da die erkenntnis aus Stock + Kokosnuss uns bereits sagt das solche eine Kombinationen nie sinn ergeben wird.

Dies sollte sicherlich das Ratespiel stark reduzieren und man kann gezielter in Richtung neue Rezepte probieren ohne sich jedesmal selbstz merken zu müssen welche Kombiationen man bereits erfolglos kombiniert hatte. Das hilft vor allem bei den frustrierenderen udn komplizierteren rezepten.
Eine Vereinfachug könnte auch zusätzlich noch sein eine valide Kombination mit der Resonanz "das ist nicht genug material" zurückzugeben. nichts nervt mehr als erraten zu müssen wieviel man von X braucht ode rob nun zufällig die Kombiation eine falsche ist.

Das ganze bringt ein wenig vereinfachugn des kompletten ratens und Spieler mit etwas Wissen in Kombinatorik können auch schneller die Rezepte herausfinden. Ein bischen hirnschmalz darf ein Spiel ja schon aberlangen.

old Re: Stranded III Crafting Poll

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It would be cool if you could also find the recipes in the mission maps.
For example one is carved in a cave another you get by inspecting a treehouse or the old man could tell you how to build a raft. the character itself could give some hints like 'maybe i can catch those butterflies with a net on a stick'
but i would definitely keep the old way of finding combinations.
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