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English Where is the old maps ?

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old Where is the old maps ?

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hello, i am really sad cuz the old zombie and old cities maps has been deleted or i don't know what happen for it
alot of maps was in cs2d 2014 now i can't find it
i was really love old half life maps now i can't find it
can someone help ? i forget maps names i tried to search in about zm or half life maps then i see really stupid maps and not like the old maps
the old maps was cool big fun and hard sometimes
now what ?

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old Re: Where is the old maps ?

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Hello bud, well, its easy to explain, bassicaly is because all the city maps like Iran Town and the Jails map need specifics lua scripts to work, and these scripts never are posted here cuz the owner have that script only for his servers and dont want to share it, Where its the map?, because the owner of the map like the scripts never upload them and only can get the map joining in the server

old Old map :/ I Have one

Amanda and Friends
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Hello , my name is amanda , ithink i can host my old map.
DraftCity... yea you can see my server on server list i have draftcity from my old friend

old Re: Where is the old maps ?

Mami Tomoe
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I have lots of maps from 2012/13/14/15 PM me in a month if you are willing to get some...


It's an EXE because I thought it looked cool when I compressed it.

You need something like WinRAR or 7Zip to extract.

It contains files from 2010 to 2016, make sure to only move the files you need this contains old CS2D files too...
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old Re: Where is the old maps ?

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old maps.



I miss xkafe' zombieplague over 2008/2010. Oh my word, what a beautiful times, I didn't even played standard lol.

old Re: Where is the old maps ?

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Why don't you filter those files yourself, guys. I saw some 2008 files too, and one map from 2004.


(Gotta admit that this spectacular file is shit, but hey, this archive has gfx and sfx as well).

I am glad it also has gfx from various servers, I was looking for one from (back then) active rpg server and I thought its content was lost. Many thanks!
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