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English New Name for Unreal Software

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old Re: New Name for Unreal Software

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@user Hajt: Nope. they were available at the time I posted. That is the Domain Companies that steal the domain name after it is searched if you do not buy it within some hours after you search it.

If they like it, and think it will sell for more than $10, they "steal" it from the search results and make it "appear" to have been registered for more then a year.

Then they charge more for it when someone else wants to buy it. I know this to be fact as I have experienced it many times. Todays' is just another example. If you go to that site today you will see it is a FOR SALE sign and the other is ACCESS DENIED. I even typed the name in google and there is zero search results for that domain name even though they say it was registered years ago at "whois".

Lies! I tested them several times when I caught on to the scam.

So, if you want a domain name. . .it is best to: buy the one you found available right after you search it, or it can be taken buy the actually Domain Seller. I have witnessed this over n over for the last 12 years with GoDaddy being a major culprit, others also, of stealing what people have searched in their domain search boxes.

edit: My apologies for ranting on, i will stay on topic in the future.
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old names

bla bla
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the only name that could be a good replacer for 'Unreal Software' might be - Nowadays Games - ( it sounds modern and cool )

old Re: New Name for Unreal Software

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Quote (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de)
(my brain dead now!!1.1) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de) (or .de)
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Admin/mod comment

Thanks for a list of already registered domains... /DC

old Passing by.

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As much as I have been around, this community was strictly based around one of your games and the people adding spice to it, through graphic/textures and scripting. So I think it should somehow resemble just that.
     Your games are also indie games, the main colour is green, and people work together to make the games a lot more fun.

     I have no set idea for a specific name, but I think I am onto something:
      • Tie us - Bring us together.
      • TIE - The Indie Evergreen, changed name, same           
     community forever <3.
      • US - For the old name's sake.
     The thing is that a company already used this, without my knowing ( and I don't feel like suing them now ), so it needs to be worked on a bit.
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old Re: New Name for Unreal Software

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I don't want a name with "anal" in it

I also don't want a .de domain and when you suggest any domain please check if it's available. The majority here seems to blindly suggest stuff which is registered already - which doesn't help.

Also again:
× Nothing with my name (DC, DarkCorner, Peter, Schauss)
× Nothing with "Unreal"
× Nothing with "2D", "3D" or "Stranded" or anything which implies that I only make a certain type of game or only work on a certain game (series).

But at this point I think I really have to come up with something myself.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions though. You can of course continue to post stuff anyway. Maybe someone has an idea I like. So far nothing really convinced me.

old Re: New Name for Unreal Software

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I think, going random is the way to go!
It helps nothing to having a deep meaning behind a name that sounds crappy.

So to me – sorry for reposting – user Gaios: and user Ishara: came closest with their ideas:

Spoiler >

Maybe on second look and some meditation on some of the meaningless names, they turn out to be not bad at all.
Just let sink in. Or user 0TT0:’s rich dust is also cool and available:

I guess, if the commuitiy came up with more random names, it’d bring forth some really cool ideas.

Here some of mine:

Spoiler >
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