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English Time limited free games

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old Time limited free games

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Hi there us,
I didnt want to create yet another thread about 1 free game because they just dont have any value when the offer ended.

There are many threads about free games and I thought it is a better way to create 1 thread for all of them. US usually doesn't close threads to avoid multiple threads about the same topic.

So if you want to share a legal time limited free game offer like these guys:
thread offtopic Free Steam Game - Limbo
thread offtopic Payday 2 free on Steam (ENDED)
thread offtopic Dungeons 2 is free on humble bundle (ENDED)
thread offtopic Rising Storm GOTYE is FREE (ENDED)
Then just post it here.
No giveaways or sites where you have to earn coins to get free stuff or similiar or cracked games! We all know them.

user Seekay has written
Here's a website that keeps track of games that are free for a while.
It's a good idea to check it everyday.

To be clear: This post is for internet offers which gift you a whole game for free forever when they usually cost something.
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old Re: Time limited free games

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The game Jotun: Valhalla Edition is also free on, for people who dislike Steam. Get it and you can play it later if you don't have the time now.

old Re: Time limited free games

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You can also get (at least) 4 indie game copies at humble bundle.

Just checkout the two bundles avaiable, put your email and that's it.

old Re: Time limited free games

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Nice! Super awesome (but also hard!) game! Recommended! Thanks for sharing
(whole Oddworld franchise is on discount on Steam btw)
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