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lStorm_PLl- Milriko -CL-

I remember when I was about 10 years old i did not have any friends, for the simple fact of being poor.

But little by little I was growing, until I realized something, and I wanted to see what it was, but I did not know whether to do it or not, until i did.

> I put my hand on my ass and I smelled my fingers.

> I noticed that I smelled poop, i started to suck my fingers, one by one, and felt good taste.

√ From that day on I started to get my hands on asses, and then I sucked my fingers, is too rich really.

√ I recommend you put your hand in your ass, and then suck your fingers.

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Niga, wtf is this bullshit? I cant think of a single good reason to make a thread like this.

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Thanks for sharing with us your life story.
It sound like a great idea , i'll try that and ill tell results as soon as possible .

EDIT : instruction unclear , hand stuck in my anus. not recommended

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Good for you, we don't care.

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