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08.11.22 07:41:47 pm
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user ModJuicer has written:
No new screenshots or videos unfortunately (I may upload some later). Hands are now 100% working, animating. Rocket launcher placement needs a bit of adjustment, which can actually be done in the hands .inf file via offset. Additionally, in options there is now the choice to enable/disable hands. Hands currently don't work without a weapon or tool, though that will very likely be changed in the future. When creating a game in multiplayer, the game no longer crashes constantly, thanks to a quick patch, and additionally when you eat/drink stuff in multiplayer, it gives the one eating/drinking the effects and not the host. When eating, the player only eats one of a specific item instead of two, which was a bug. The Debug Menu is not disabled automatically in multiplayer, but can be using "lock_debugmenu" command. Additionally, pressing 1,2,3,4, or 5 in editor will not close the current window anymore, which was an annoying issue beforehand. Enjoy the update.

All this stuff was just added, and took a decent amount of time for me, which is scarce nowadays with work and actual responsibilities (takes a bit to get used to). Also, I completely restructured the main page, labeled some versions as discontinued (because I have moved on), and gave new information on the direction development will continue. If something was directly created by me, it is new, and never seen before.

I assume you saw the last page, skipped over the 'new features and improvements' dropdown or simply didn't notice the text was different, and assumed it was just another meaningless edit which I have been notorious for doing in the past. Soo... Honest mistake, really. The download is now a .7z instead of a .zip, as well.

In the end, this has the implication that I exceeded your expectations as far as my online behavior goes. That's a good sign, I guess.

Also, I can't help but start thinking: Ahhh.. just like old times.. getting bent on the forums because of bumping/marking as new/making random assertions/etc.

Almost enough to make me feel nostalgic, but then again, not really.. my online past is probably best in the past. I mean, there's a reason you can delete browser history..
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11.11.22 09:33:30 pm
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It's crazy how this guy is actually the only one who is creating mods or collection mods on Stranded II and OG Members are still hating on him.

Keep up the good work!

P. S : Had to "defrost" my account just to say that
13.11.22 04:12:53 am
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Thanks! I didn't think there was anyone who saw it the way I saw it, but I guess I was wrong.

About the OG members: I think they may have warmed up to me a bit, but they can still be a bit touchy at times. Whenever someone was annoyed about some trivial thing and/or just felt like being a jerk and posted excessively negative messages or replies, I always caught myself thinking 'well, where's your recent uploads?'. I always felt like it was self-defeating for them and the overall community as well, as it just made me more likely to want to leave. In fact, I did leave for a while, but came back eventually. That goes to say: I don't think it was ok for them to be overly critical of me because I was new, and because I was (in the past) a small-time modder. Also, in any case, when it comes to any online community, I think it is a bad idea to make newcomers feel rejected, for obvious reasons that essentially boil down to the fact that it will not help the community grow at all. Also, I was one of the people contributing, so it just didn't make sense that people would want me to just stop contributing..

That is all I have to say. Enjoy the mod.

EDIT: New videos are out finally, and they aren't just 30 second clips anymore, but full size videos with a general theme. I hope they are as fun for you to watch as they were for me to make. Here they are:
Strategic Survival Map - Exploring
Hammer Rampage
WIP Island Rampage
Unsuccessful Assassination Attempts
Nuke Dodging
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Logic is the most offensive form of argument, because saying "don't let it get to you" would be encouraging ignorance.
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