English Anime Background Mod w/ Wallpaper

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I made it yourself. I used these following fonts,images,etc...

√ RUN! Font (dafont.com)
√ Anime Wallpaper
√ Arial Font

A in-game screenshot:

I posted download link to "File Archive" I tried to delete this post but I'm not able to do that so if you want to download this go to "File Archive".

Admin/mod comment:

Use the File Archive to upload your stuff, it's pointless to show your work here. Closed. /user GeoB99
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A true masterpiece beyond comparison, the real meaning of art, the pinnacle of CS2D splash screens.
Not once in my entire life have I seen anything of such outlandish beauty, it brings joys to my eyes as well as a drop of tears.
I am so grateful to you, user Divechy, for allowing me to witness something as magnificent as this!

This is the work of a true artist!
my meme big
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