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English USGN can't join CS2D Server

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old USGN can't join CS2D Server

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Hello,my usgn account is bugged.I cant join my favorite servers in cs2d,when im trying to connect to server its only loading time forever and nothing happen.Please help

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"USGN bug" is too generic. Fixed title /DC

old Re: USGN can't join CS2D Server

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I think that might be a problem with an anti virus software or firewall, try search for solutions in similar multiplayer games. It is not "bugged USGN account"

old Re: USGN can't join CS2D Server

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You need to be more precise when reporting errors. Otherwise we can only guess to help which is not very effective.

"Loading forever" is not helpful. What exactly does the screen say?

• Something like "verifying usgn account"?
This is a known problem. I don't know why some user experience this. The most straightforward approach to "fix" this is by simply playing without USGN login. So if that is ok for you just remove your USGN credentials from the settings and try joining again.
Another recommended step is to change your USGN account password to ensure that nobody else can use the account (same account used by multiple people leads to verification issues). Note that it may take up to a few minutes before USGN login works again after password change. Close CS2D in the meantime.

• Something else?
Please tell us what the loading screen says in that case.
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