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English No one plays the game... At all

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old Re: No one plays the game... At all

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@user sheeL: Actually, 2D game development is still a thing nowadays. The reason is that it is far cheaper and easier to make a 2D game rather than 3D game. That's why in this era you start to see more indie game developers than a decade ago. Many of them are just a solo guy or a team of few people working together like a village.

Also, you are not different than me. I got into computer science because I still remember how cool it was when 14 years old me made my first CS2D mod, even though I can't do everything I want because of lacking experiences.

You don't have to feel disappointed because the game you love isn't popular anymore. Thing like this will come to every game, eventually. But as long as there are players, players will find game to play again.

Btw, I still working on modding this game. It may be pointless but I will count it as a practice ground for coding because I've took all my computer science classes, I'm waiting for transfer to university, and I don't want to get rusty.

The cool thing is that all programming language are very similar to each other. You can bouncing around to gain experience, trying different concept, getting familiar with developing a mod. Just find a project, do something with what you've learned. Who know, maybe one day while doing something with your hobby, you will find gold.

old Re: No one plays the game... At all

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@user sheeL: That's a sad but at the same time amazing story. I'm glad to hear that CS2D helped you to choose a good path in your life same to @user FishyFinThing

You are right that mobile gets more popular and plays a far more important role nowadays than a few years ago but desktop and mobile gaming are still essentially different (input, screen size, ...). So I'm pretty confident that desktop only games will be a thing in future as well.

I fully agree with user FishyFinThing though that 2D won't disappear. It's not necessarily inferior to 3D. It's just another way to present stuff. Pixel style games for instance are super popular even though graphics could be much higher resolution.

In the end fun game play is most important. I think CS2D does have fun game play. Huge and fancy changes are very rare in CS2D though so many people who aren't super attached to the game get tired after some time and stop playing it. That's just natural.

old Re: No one plays the game... At all

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Those last posts are genuinely touching. It's amazing to see just how much this small indie game changed and shaped peoples lives.

And that's the thing that I believe is magical and unique about CS2D, the community. All this creative work, made not despite of but because of its limitations. In the ocean of uninspired and banal "high quality" video games, CS2D is truly a gem.

old Re: No one plays the game... At all

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user DC has written
It's an old game. People tend to move on to new stuff. Natural thing.

@user Pagyra: CS2D is at the end of its life cycle. I don't plan major re-designs in future.

Agreed. CS2D was at it's height around 2008-2012. Tons of clans. Full servers across the whole screen.

Towny/City life servers, super hero servers, clan wars, etc. That one i pie sparta server hosted by that one girl or whoever the heck that was I can't remember.

I remember

[DS], FaiL, vE, Monolith, RIP

Everything comes and goes! Life Continues!

I know people who spent 5,000 hours playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas roleplay servers............... That's literally a year and a half of being online 24/7.
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old Re: No one plays the game... At all

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Everybody thinking like that. Still there existing some small communities with development, but they're not visible(same as mine).
The sad fact is that people keep making something but in fact nobody will see it, cause nobody plays.

Only !Minecraft! is sometimes reach 16 players and some standard servers on matches and also rarily HC Fun.

I still love cs2d and wont leave it so easy

old CS2D is alive and will live a very long time!

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Stop whining! Invite friends, talk about the game, shoot videos, make mods / maps / textures and your servers, it's fun, we make a game for ourselves. For me, this game is a legend, it is easily modified, easy to make maps.

Online is low because no one wants to play, people are snickering, give people ultra graphics and make the game play for them themselves, where you sometimes need to press 1 button. It is necessary to raise the popularity of the game, I believe that it will live a very long time! us
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