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15.11.19 03:42:13 pm
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Dear friends,

I have been working with a new CSS Framework in the past days and since I wish to learn it, I've to come up with some projects that uses it. Now I was browsing UnrealSoftware, when I have seen a reply mentioning

@user abc123: has written:
every time some feature gets removed, a small piece of my cs2d history goes away.

Since, I want to keep the memories and one of my favorite game in my childhood, I've came up with an idea creating some sort of archive for CS2D.

Now, this would include a few important things, including the older version of CS2Ds. There are a ton on the internet, but I don't trust in places like 4Shared and Mediafire, as they might gets removed. There was before a site, which had these, however, this was hosted on 000webhost and it's no longer available.

I wanted to find all possible versions, so I made some progress.

Because of it, I wanted to highlight also the most big features in each specific version, so when someone feels like:

• Do you want to play the first CS2D Max version, or the oldest, which still works on the latest operating systems can do.
• Do you want to play the CS2D with Physics in 4 years?

No problem, you are covered. I have all the most recent versions and I am going to keep it always updated.

Here is a few screenshots of the versions I do have, the very most of these, also includes MacOS, Linux and Dedicated Servers, in case you need.


(don't mind the first Steam release, I had some issues with the layout and it caused the text appear on the wrong spot, the real first Steam release is

This is just a very early version, how the site would look.
But you can see my idea.

I am looking for some suggestions on what else, could I put there, other than older versions.

Also, in case you just want to spread negative replies, please don't even start, I also just do this for learning purposes, I just looking for some helpful people, that's all.
15.11.19 07:25:09 pm
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Looks nice but it really doesn't happen often that features get removed.

Even Physics has not been removed. I only removed the checkbox from the UI. So if you like broken stuff you can still enable it.

• add the release dates to the overview
• add icons for client/server and OS which indicate which versions are available
• the order is weird which makes it harder to read (mean jumps between columns and rows)
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15.11.19 08:37:55 pm
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Yeah, the layout also catches my eye in bad way, so working on that.

I have been also planning adding operation system icons for each versions as well, thanks for noting it though!

The release dates are good idea, will do that
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