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English Report of abusive administrators

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NOTY, and ELFING, and SLOWPOKE101 of [FWS] california jail 2.1.2 server are not unbanning me. I have been playing by the rules for months and months. I free killed once or twice, and i was asked to apply for an unban and i did. They are still not unbanning me. I am banned and can't play. Why aren't there any other california jail 2.1.2 servers anyway?

Admin/mod comment

Wrong section. Moved. /user GeoB99

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@user Terminator11169: This kind of reporting makes no sense because there is nobody who regulates (or could regulate) server owners/admins. So to who are you reporting? Unreal Software can't help you.

Server owners/admins can make their own rules on their servers. EVERYTHING is up to them. They can ban you without any reason if they want to. You can't force them to unban you.

Play on another server if you dislike what they do. Or create your own server.

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Unreal Software is not affiliated with any of the CS2D servers, if you have any complaints please discuss these on their respective forums or chat. It doesn't make sense to report such case here so I am going to close the thread.
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