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English CS2D On Mac OS X

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old CS2D On Mac OS X

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i got a Mac but i can't play CS2D because Unreal Software dropped the support for Mac OS
DON'T SAY THAT now you are going to thank me because today i made CS2D Working on Mac again, cool right?

Hi everyone! it's me komasio again today i made CS2D On Mac working again and i wanna share it with you all so every Mac user can play it again

√ You can play on old Mac OS Versions
√ You can put maps and mods
√ U.S.G.N. Servers and login are online
√ No Lag
√ Going to update it everytime a new update is available
√ No virus/Ransomwares

× Don't steal it as your own work, because it was hard to make it
× Don't use it for breaking rules (ex:cheating)

You can just download the ZIP File ( and extract it, open the application and enjoy it
I hope you like my work! Thank you everyone and enjoy

old Re: CS2D On Mac OS X

The Dark Shadow
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It's an emulator I think, there is an extracted CS2D win archive inside it, and I think all it does is load exe in emulator, mac.

old Re: CS2D On Mac OS X

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I Have abndonned this project, i was going to keep updating it for the Mac OS X Users but i won't and here are the reasons
1- Only few (or maybe no one) care about playing CS2D On MAC
2- My MacBook's screen is broken now and i can't see or play anything
I'm using phone now and I can't use my MacBook anymores which means maybe I won't be active on us or CS2D Generally, I tried to be a nice user here and trying be kind with everyone, I hope you liked my contribution here in the forum and the game
(i won't be updating this post or file, if u need a real help you can contact me on Discord, my nickname can be found in my profile)
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