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English Reduce fish/dig time for item specific

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old Reduce fish/dig time for item specific

Creep Crusher
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I am trying to experiment with custom items.
I try to make an advanced fishing rod that will allow to reduce the fishing time from 5500 to lets say 3000.
I plan to do the same with other items.

Sadly tho adding fishing time to the item properties doesn't do anything. I tried maybe adding a script into the game.inf to make the time change based on holding the item. Did not helped.
Any idea how to make item specific?
I don't want to change it globally as it will defeat the entire purpose of upgrading.

old Re: Reduce fish/dig time for item specific

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As far I can tell by my experience with the game and looking into the source code for the last half hour, the fishing behaviour is not moddable to that extend without changing the source code of the game. You can change it globally for every fishing rod, but not for specific items.

You can try to emulate fishing by creating your own event. Don't give your super fishing rod the fishingrod behaviour (or use s2 cmd skipevent to skip the normal fishing. Not sure how well that works), but manually create a script to start a s2 cmd process, s2 cmd play the fishing sound, check for valid fishing environment (near water / in fishing area) and then fire a fish_failure or fish_success event.

If you want to know what exactly the game checks when trying to fish, take a look at the source code file includes/, line 1143 and following.
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