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English Joining Red Servers

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old Joining Red Servers

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Good afternoon, I have a question why I can't connect to servers that are marked in red in the list of servers, even on these servers it doesn't show how big the delay is, it would be nice if I could connect to any servers, I did everything in filters.

Admin/mod comment

Title changed. Just "servers" is way too generic /DC

old Re: Joining Red Servers

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In case you didn't do what the commenter above said:
The red marked servers are hosted on another version of the game, making it unable to join. The only possibility would be to update/downgrade to the specific version the server is running on. If your game is up to date, in 99,9% of the time it will definetly be an older version.

@user Bowlinghead: I couldn't find anything related to mismatched version or servers that are shown in red inside the FAQ. It isn't stated there why they're red.

The search function probably should've done the trick but it's always easier to just ask questions. At least it's not done frequently, so there's gonna be an answer for that in the future ready to be found.

Here's an older answer to the question
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