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English Item Behaviour Condition Changes

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old Item Behaviour Condition Changes

Malevolent Defiance
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I'm working on an item from an old beloved mod that I felt was a missed opportunity. It would double as a blade and bow. I've got it working except I don't know what it means by class and type-id.

old Re: Item Behaviour Condition Changes

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In the context of modding, "class" and "type-id" are terms used to categorize and differentiate items within the game.
"class" likely refers to the overarching category or type of your item.
"type-ID" is a specific identifier assigned to your item within its class.
It distinguishes your item from other items of the same class.

When defining the class and type-ID for your item, consider its characteristics, functions, and how it fits into the game world. Once you determine these parameters, you can integrate them into your modding tools or scripting language to ensure your item behaves as intended within the game.
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