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old important CS2D Clan Database

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The clan database is no longer actively updated. Until such time that a more fitting and easier way to showcase clans develops, please feel free to continue using this thread for your posting / advertising needs. Thanks.

Welcome to the CS2D Clan Database! Since there are many active clans in CS2D, it's very hard to choose which one to join. This thread is here to prevent other new clan threads. Here's how it works - anyone can post information about any clan that has existed in CS2D; their leader, website, or practically anything that relates to the clan. Since this a database, some clans posted here will be from the most oldest clans in CS2D. If the leader of the clan wishes not to have their information hosted, let me know. The format should be presented like so:

Clan Name:
Clan Leader:
Total Members:
Clan Website:
Other Information:
Place of Origin:

I'll give you an introduction to each part of the format:

Clan Name - Your clan name, simple enough. Your clan tag may also be written.

Clan Leader - The Leader and/or vice leaders is written here.

Total Members - Here, state only the amount of members you have in the clan, not the names. Also if you have a multigaming clan, you can state all the members, but please include how many members are in CS2D. Remember, numbers only.

Clan Website - Your website / homepage. Leave blank if you do not have one.

Other Information - Show what your clan has to offer. This can vary from who can be recruited to when you have clan training sessions. Or perhaps you want to leave a happy greeting. All are acceptable.

Place of Origin - Self explanatory. Location of where your clan formed. If you have co-leaders from two different countries, those may be posted.

∗You may also post a link to a small banner to accompany your clan description. Please no wider than 500 pixels and no taller than 100 pixels.


- Please do not add "[Insert Clan Here] is the best" on the Other Information field. There is no best clan in CS2D; everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I cannot stress this enough, so please don't do it.

- If your clan has Co-Leaders / Vice-Leaders, you can add a sub-format, VL:, right after "Clan Leader" OR add an "&" to separate the leaders.


• Clan Leader: CoolRun & Camper
• Clan Leader: CoolRun; VL: Camper

- If possible, try to copy the format that I have stated above to include in your post. It's much more efficient to scroll through one general format rather than posts with different variations of the original (i.e "Clan Name" instead of just "Clan", "Total Members" instead of just "Members").

I hope this will help the CS2D community with clan searches along with looking back on its history. We can start checking on clans now! Post away!

Registered Clans:

1. |KiNg| / |K| / {KiNg}
2. 2dbr | 2D Brazil
3. [TGV] / Twisted Golden Veins
4. [-=A41=-] / All For One
5. [S|I|C] / S|I|C=EP
6. [DBD] / Death Before Dishonor
7. Arctic Squad
8. U.S. Gamers
9. -ES- / Elite Snipers
10. [LCS2D] / Legendary Counter-Strike 2D
11. 2D[P] / 2D Pwners
12. ||F.C.G||
13. Chile / cL.Gaming
14. ||ACID||
15. [FSS] / First Strike Squad
16. The Lunatics
17. RedStarClan
18. =[DoD]= / Dragon of Death
19. Hells Diner
20. |Storm_PL|
21. |TSC| / Counter Strike Terrorist
22. SpeedCore.[-UzZ-]# / SpeedCore.[-Unia zamaskowanych Ziomali-]#
23. |SLD| / Soeldner
24. {PSI}
25. |>FDF<| / Fitness Dog Fighting
26. KtA / Kill Them All
27. SC | / Silent Commandos
28. *S3* / Special 3dition
29. [UsK] / Universal super Killers
30. [D.†.P] / DreamTeamPlayers
31. sH | / Soul Hunters
32. |hs|. / hunters squad
33. *Dark_Army* / Dark Army
34. tik-gaming / The incredible KillaZ
35. [BlackSun] / Blacksun
36. sCore | / Speed Core
37. |BTC| / Blood Team Clan
38. [SUP]
39. Red Planet / .|rP|
40. CS-United / |cs-United.|
41. *GmG | / Global Multi Gaming
42. Bullets 4 You / [b4u.|
43. |N|*|D|*|K|
44. EliteBR :: / Elite Brazil
45. [SaD] / Smile and Die
46. e-Life .Eletronic Life 2D Team
47. Clan of the Queens / |<CotQ>|
48. Tigger Happy / *|TH|*
49. »G-X~c[X]c« / C0MBAT[X]CR3W|»Green-X
50. SKrR l #. ~ Shoot.Kill.Rinse.Repeat
51. -=\AoV/=- / Angels of Victory
52. gobr | Go Brazil
53. ]<|>BLOD<|> / Black Legion of Doom
54. [DSX] - DeZTroYerZerK Silver Xire
55. PS / Pirates or NBK / Natural Born Killers
56. [BHS] | Boom HeadShoT
57. [Sw@T]
58. TSq / Terror Squad
59. kG| / kneegrow
60. Psycho Tribe
61. [DiamondsFanClub] / [DFC]
62. .:.PB.:.
63. kill death ratio /-=KDR=-
64. [Fl@me]
65. |Kc| / Kill Control
66. ||S.A|| / Still Alive
67. IwM
68. NiB / Noobs in Bikini
69. |*cBn*| / Carbon
70. @@(TNT)@@
71. [GoL] Gods of Legends
72. |BB|
73. Clan of Zombie / [CoZ]
74. <Died>
75. [blitz]
76. |AK| / Anger Killers
77. nwC | New World Chaos
78. |CI| / Clan Iq
79. Survival-Hunting
80. l|ScM|l ~ Sin City Mafia
81. ||HoD|| / Hearts of Dozen
82. Death on Arrival / [DoA]
83. |ReLaTiVe|
84. .:Wu|| / .:Wu Tang Clan:.
85. wF || / war Fighter
86. |Hk|
87. [U*F] Unknown Force
88. [Massive]
89. Bemine
90. SnipeRangerGang / {SRG}
91. 2Dph|#
92. puRe-Gaming
93. uL.| / UnL!mited
94. 007// 00//Agents
95. .: |KoF| :. / KiLLeRs oF FoRtUnE
96. The FightingGodz or {FG}
97. toXic | Gaming Clan
98. [Warpeeps] / Warpeeps
99. d0pa[MiNe]
100. EuropeGamerz
101. ®a!n*| of FuRy ClAn
102. |PwN3||
103. ZombiMod
104. [WT]Withe-Tigers[WT]
105. ACE
106. Divrebz / Divine Rebirthz
107. Elite x3
108. !nZaN3 |
109. [ZeoN]//
110. »|Infinity|«
111. [S.T.A.R.S] / Team_S.t.a.r.s / |
112. [CM] Guild
113. | CS-ProGamer |
114. |E.W.K| = Elite White Knights
115. #ThE aTTaX
116. f5| Gaming
117. Systematical KillerZ / [-sK-]
118. [Thrill]
119. AlbanianForces CS2D Clan
120. [MnKz] / Team MoNkEyZ
121. .:HB:.
122. Off Peak / [OP] / «Off Peak»
123. S\w/F / Supersticious war Figures
124. *Elit3 Fors3s*
125. OuTLaWZ
126. C4-FR
127. [LaG]
128. uClan.uC | (rank),(name)
129. quick$!Lv3r / q$!Lv3r
130. DééJaY ||
131. *3c | *3lectric
132. PzN CS2D club
133. Z.K United / Z.K-
134. gtSquad / l[gt]l / Green Team Squad
135. Half-Life 2D
136. GermanRebels / [GR]
137. Al-Gore
138. Distress Clan / [DC]
139. LiTe | (rank).(name)
140. /-T.K.B-/
141. KaTa ||
143. [L4D] Clan
144. Snatch - Clan
145. [N.B.K.] / Natural Born Killers
146. [RoV] - Return of Violence
147. Pacman
148. cnuct
149. AnyClan (-aC-)
150. XtreemGodsGamerClan
151. [PD] | Polish-Destroyers
152. Jamesbondclan : {-JBC-}
153. [AoM] / Art of Murders
154. Xtreem Pro Players Clan
155. PwN2D
156. EmpeRia
157. (=CS= ) Clan
158. HG | Holy Guns
159. <fruitpapje>
160. Pwned Your Ass
161. aiR
162. X-Force
163. eG. | / eQuable Gaming Clan
164. NMB ( No man behind)
165. SiN
166. TXN / The Dark Necromancers
167. LeGaL [LeGaL]
168. -911- Clan
169. Romanian Strengh! - RS!
170. {No|Limit}
171. Man Of Marine
172. [Behind Jail]
173. Master Chief vectors
174. ØmG
175. (duel4you)
176. No AiMiNg [ No AiM + ]
177. [~R.~L.~G.~] / RealLife Gamers
178. |AoD| / Angels of Death

Note: Ordered only by date of being added to thread.


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old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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Spoiler >

Special Thanks:

DC / |jUSTiN| / Flying Lizard / EwokChieftain: For the sticky of this thread, helping me to organize the database, and cleaning up posts at times.

leegao: For having a say to make this thread a database rather then a thread with only active clans.

Ecstasy: For helping me out mark which clans were active / inactive.

And of course a big thanks to you, the community, that helped provide information for the database whether about their own clan or at will. We wouldn't be here without everyone's support.


13/08/08: Clans in the queue has been added. Each new clan that is posted will have to go through the queue for at least one month before it goes on the registered clans list.

16/08/08: 38 clans have been marked as inactive. I've started adding the amount of days left for a new clan to make the registered clans list. Therefore, i'll update the list 1-3 days from now on.

10/09/08: Marks the Clan Database for 1 year. Thanks for keeping this thread alive.

21/11/08: The database has been updated to 87 clans and 6 clans in the queue. Sorry for the late update. For that, I have put only 10 days for the clans currently in the queue. However, new clans posted will start from 30 days.

22/11/08: Added a Country of Origin to the format. I will update the Country's row for all the current clans in the near future.

13/12/08: Deleted |Cm| 39centimetros clan, which lead to porn. Added banners for the majority of the clans posted.

24/12/08: Added "Unknown Information" section near the bottom of the post. If anyone happens to stumble by and knows information about a certain clan, they can post what they know.

12/04/09: I have added all of the recent clans that were posted. A few notes and an introduction to the format has been added to ease the confusion of what to put in the format a little.

31/05/09: Updated to page 43 @ No Mercy clan.

15/07/09 (Lee): Updated up to page 48 @ Lag (Right before lee's post) A total of 177 Clans are now officially in the Clan Database.

06/03/12: 'Recruiting or not Recruiting' has been removed from the format. 'Country of Origin' has been changed to 'Place of Origin'. Clans in the queue have been removed. Future additions have been removed. Over 90% of the clans have been marked as dead. Many minor fixes including places of origin, spacing errors, and banners have been updated.

On a final note, lead responsibly.

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old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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I've updated the post for you CoolRun with some info I know about some of the clans that have posted threads on this forum in the past. Several fields are blank, as an official clan member/leader can help fill in the rest of the info. Also, if any clans have a small banner they would like displayed below their name, feel free to post one.

old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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you might want to include LCS2D even thought it is inactive, it's still there

old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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ACID has been added; some minor typographical changes have been made.

Once we get a fair amount of posts, I'm going to make sure the first post is completely updated, then remove all the excess posts.

old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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Thanks a lot foRRest. Other clans, |FNTP|, [EliteBR]: Inactive, Storm.PL? Anyone with information?

old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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I've cleaned up some of this thread by removing all posts containing information that has already been added to the directory.

old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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I've made/edited/fixed/added many new banners for clans. Almost all of them were just taken from the clan website, then resized and such.


EDIT: Again, I have greatly cleaned up this entire thread. All posts not directly pertaining to this clan database, or those that contained information that has already been updated or added within the database, have been removed.
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old Re: CS2D Clan Database


btw: the clans uzz and speedcore are the same. first there was only uzz. but they joined the multigaming clan speedcore. i think sometimes they played under the tag sCore.[UzZ]
maybe you should make a note in the clan informations of those clans.

old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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Woo! We now have 50 CS2D clans, and over half of those listed I have added some sort of banner for! The rest either don't have a clan website, or the website doesn't contain any clan-related images.

old Re: CS2D Clan Database


Clan Name: gobr | Go Brazil
Clan Leader: gobr | ^Scarface™
Total Members: 3
Clan Website: Unknown
Recruiting or not Recruiting: Yes, only Brazilians
Other Information: The new clan of CS2D...

old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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ps: delete the TGV clan site since it was hacked, just put the forum site as the official site
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