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English CS2D Clan Database

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old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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Clan Name: [TGV] / Twisted Golden Veins
Clan Leader: Gasp.89, JnR'
Total Members: 2 (Recent Back Clan)
Clan Website:
Place of Origin: North America (with players around the globe.)
Other Information:

We are now Open for Recruiting. If you would like to join an honest clan with a deep history, one of the longest living clans in North America still in operation (2nd only to |K|). And if you are looking for a friendly atmosphere with leaders who are both well known and respected in the CS2D Community. Why not brandish your talent in [TGV]?
Further more, we provide the sole source of highspeed and high performance CS2D Dedicated Servers in North America with another anticipated server location to be operational for Full US Coverage.

Not interested in highspeed gaming only? Not to worry, even under such a dark time, we the members of the clan pledges to continue support and better the CS2D Community. Projects that we have developed / endorsed includes customized statistic generation, high level gameplay recording, growing repository of maps, on the fly map previews, disassembling the original Dedi Server created by 3rr0r, and much much more.

If you're interested in our clan, please visit for more information.
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Good morning / afternoon / evening

My question is: We are looking for New Members for Latin Squad Please Can you contact or make your application
In The Next Page:
We will be online what we can

Please, thank you very much.

My name Is in the game or nickname: Oxygen

Thank you so much for taking your time reading this
I wish you good luck, bye


old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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If anyone is interested joining an active clan just visit our current forum:

The leader of attention.sports is hugo, I am the second leader of attention.sports but his choice has more priority than mine for sure.

Feel free to make an application.

old <Euro_sT4rZz>

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Clan Name: e-starzz | / euro starz
Clan Leader: aceean & maKoz.
Total Members: 4
Clan Website: Currently in progress.
Other Information: Finding some experienced players who seems promising on the competitive scene.
Place of Origin: America.

old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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Clan Name: [SG] Softgaming
Clan Leader: Glasfolie and Atomic
Total Members: 2...
Clan Website: Currently in progress.
Place of Origin: America and Germany.
Other Information: Recruiting any good players

Official Ts3 Server:
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old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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Clan Name: = Enigma =

Clan Leader: Skolaive

Total Members: 9

Clan Website:

Other Information: Searching for active players! come and apply!
We got 4 servers + training Saturday n Sunday!

Place of Origin: International

old PoisoN '

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Clan Name: PoisoN '
Clan Leader: @user jerezinho
Total Members: 6
Clan Website: No website ×
Other Information:∗ Competitive clan ∗
Place of Origin: AM
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old [Massive] # Since 2008

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Clan Name: [Massive]
Clan Leader(s):

Clan Leader : CentraL«
Clan Leader : Jere~
Clan Leader : XeNo*

Total Members: 8
Clan Website: TBA
Other Information:

Massive Clan is back for good this time, we will enlarge our line-up with some new faces & perform as we did back then. Want to become a part of the Massive Guild? PM me & we will try you out on a 5on5 match & a individualism test or just join our Academy!

See you in-game my fellows.

Place Of Origin: International


[Massive] # KusH
[Massive] # N@
[Massive] # MaruLO
[Massive] # En'
[Massive] # Panyko

Massive Clan Since 2008
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old New CS2D Clan


Clan Name: Wolves
Clan Leader: WinterWolf & BlackWolf
Total Members: 2
Clan Website: None
Other Information: We are recruiting active members!
Place of Origin: Romania

old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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Hello tgvjnr.
Good luck with your clan

Clan Name: RoYaL
Clan Leader: RoYaL # King X
Total Members: 8
Clan Website: -
Other Information: You can contact me in discord for more informations King#2144
Place of Origin: [EU] Romania

old =[Cores]= Cores

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There we go:
Clan Name : =[Cores]=
Clan Leader : Pentacore
Total Members : 1 (14.4.2018)
Clan Website: -
Other Information: My real names is Svetlin i was born in Bulgaria and i play cs 2d for hobby. (This is very short version.Ask me other information if you want in PM)
Place of Orign:Bulgaria

old reapers #

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Clan Name:[R]eapers #

Clan Leaders:
rps # seda.aR~ -CL-USGN ID # 4959
rps # jere.aR~ -CL- USGN ID # 132834
rps # Mash -vCL- USGN ID # 156809

Squad Leaders:
rps # KingKiller -SL- USGN ID # 142956
rps # brazzers~ -SL-USGN ID # 64519

rps # charada~ USGN ID # 11346
rps # west* USGN ID # 9831
rps # dremur USGN ID # 161118
rps # KingShadow USGN ID # 139295
rps # Evil USGN ID # 62543
rps # x55 USGN ID # 30504

rps # monster [R] USGN ID # 52728
rps # Cold Snow [R] USGN ID # 177867
rps # karthik [R] USGN ID # 129684
rps # Luis [A] USGN ID # 111913
rps # Danel [A] USGN ID # 159584
rps # PluPlu [A] USGN ID # 39542
rps # Ferroty [A] USGN ID # 101286

rps # CentraL« USGN ID # 22092
rps # sprunk* USGN ID # 10047
rps # thaeki USGN ID # 75365

Total Members: 16
Clan Website: Discord Clan
Recruiting or not Recruiting: √
Other Information: Competitive clan
Place of Origin: International
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old Clan:Hot Snow

Hot Snow Raymond
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Clan Name:Hot Snow
Clan Leader:Hot Snow JackAltman

Squad Leader:
Hot Snow.C Raymond

Hot Snow NH2-suika
Hot Snow Mssss
Hot Snow 2609
Hot Snow logic
Hot Snow OTARB
Hot Snow GoastAssassin
Hot Snow shear
Hot Snow shou_su

Hot Snow.C 110
Hot Snow.C Ryan
Hot Snow.C lulwin233
Hot Snow.C just monika
Hot Snow.C Ya_Bo
Hot Snow.C WTF
Hot Snow.C boom

Other Information:Has a detachment ,Hot Snow.C

Place of Origin:China
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old Re: CS2D Clan Database

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Clan Name: //ZC// ZombieCity
Clan Leader: LiME(old RED1516)
Total Members: 13(31.08.18)
Clan Website:
Place of Origin: Europe
Other Information:
Friendly Russian clan

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old Re: CS2D Clan Database


Professional clan. Join our discord to challenge us or send an application to join the team.


Active / Semi-Active:
:[ Wings ]: st0rm -CL-
:[ Wings ]: Quattro
:[ Wings ]: 1up
:[ Wings ]: Milriko
:[ Wings ]: Symp
:[ Wings ]: AkCellat
:[ Wings ]: Bug -R-

:[ Wings ]: szoks
:[ Wings ]: Tonic
:[ Wings ]: Paz
:[ Wings ]: Ray
:[ Wings ]: SpooN

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