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2338DiamondCOMMUNITY BANNED09.09.07 06:32:30 am10 Years agoAU - Australia
7759Diamond AceUser06.06.09 02:57:45 am13 Years ago-
8148Diamondcs2dCOMMUNITY BANNED28.06.09 12:40:30 pm13 Years ago-
12298diamond_paladinUser16.01.10 06:11:08 am13 Years ago-
45330Diamond00744User23.01.11 11:25:58 am12 Years ago-
65841oodiamondooUser27.06.11 04:22:18 pm11 Years ago-
82311diamond123User19.11.11 12:44:00 pm11 Years ago-
85893JackOfDiamondsUser07.01.12 07:37:34 pm11 Years ago-
105807DiamondzamakUser23.09.12 08:42:06 am10 Years ago-
107743DiAmOnD_MiNeRBANNED22.10.12 06:35:09 pm10 Years agoFI - Finland
108010KuladiamondUser27.10.12 02:57:43 am10 Years ago-
113256RedDiamondUser13.01.13 01:15:04 pm--
114691DiamondbackUser04.02.13 02:05:28 pm--
127899diamond21User22.10.13 04:34:19 pm9 Years ago-
131355Black12DiamondsUser16.01.14 01:40:29 pm9 Years agoAE - United Arab Emirates
137587Diamond_Since_2004User06.07.14 07:01:55 pm8 Years ago-
140580xDiamondzUser07.10.14 01:37:37 pm7 Years ago-
140741JexporDiamondsUser13.10.14 01:44:01 pm--
146578AceofDiamonds1234567User13.05.15 05:43:55 pm7 Years ago-
147349DiamondGolfClubUser09.06.15 04:13:09 pm7 Years ago-
151140diamond-waffleUser05.12.15 10:50:33 am--
162967IgorDiamondUser16.11.17 06:56:58 pm5 Years ago-
174637NickDiamondUser15.01.18 03:22:48 am5 Years ago-
179530DiamondFrom2004User16.06.18 07:24:33 am4 Years ago-
189362DiamondBonoUser28.05.20 06:36:08 pm--
196218Diamond2311User15.04.22 06:23:01 pm4 Months ago-
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