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74waterworldBANNED2003/20048 Years ago-
145WitchUser2003/200420 Years ago-
195WernerUser2003/200419 Years ago-
223WaSSerMelOneUser2003/200419 Years ago-
245w0rdmanUser2003/200411 Years ago-
255wZDUser2003/20042 Weeks agoDE - Germany
317waN1992BANNED02.11.04 11:55:16 am9 Years agoGR - Greece
328WaveUser11.11.04 01:56:29 pm15 Years ago-
374WalzeUser22.12.04 10:42:47 am17 Years ago-
620WuschelUser03.09.05 08:41:59 am18 Years ago-
716WeberCOMMUNITY BANNED04.12.05 02:58:34 pm14 Years ago-
718wudiUser06.12.05 03:08:05 pm7 Years ago-
774WillyUser30.01.06 10:08:42 pm17 Years ago-
866wieselUser27.04.06 07:17:10 pm17 Years ago-
1109WeaselUser30.08.06 02:55:31 pm17 Years ago-
1140WhizzmanUser10.09.06 10:01:31 pm17 Years ago-
1364westside159User27.12.06 09:21:30 pm17 Years ago-
1365WotanUser28.12.06 03:44:19 pm17 Years ago-
1406WoodfireUser12.01.07 07:20:42 pm17 Years ago-
1408Wodka987User13.01.07 03:46:12 pm14 Years ago-
1411Wild KillUser16.01.07 04:08:53 pm17 Years ago-
1467WolfmasterKougaUser07.02.07 03:46:07 am17 Years ago-
1496WenUser18.02.07 04:59:20 pm17 Years ago-
1607WaterUser11.03.07 08:25:45 pm12 Years ago-
1612wikingerrolloUser14.03.07 10:59:59 am17 Years ago-
1679WonskyUser29.03.07 10:13:10 am17 Years ago-
1766WillSWCUser14.04.07 11:15:15 am17 Years ago-
1805Wolfman12User21.04.07 01:01:26 pm17 Years ago-
1841wecbootUser29.04.07 01:37:02 am17 Years ago-
1843WaffleUser29.04.07 07:46:06 am17 Years ago-
1854w800iUser01.05.07 11:12:28 pm17 Years ago-
1869WilsonUser04.05.07 02:47:40 pm17 Years ago-
2011weltsiegerUser15.06.07 07:22:55 pm1 Year ago-
2193WazkaUser31.07.07 07:14:03 pm16 Years ago-
2235WilliUser13.08.07 12:21:59 pm16 Years ago-
2267wankertjeUser22.08.07 12:58:23 pm16 Years ago-
2408wiglemastaUser26.09.07 10:02:50 am16 Years ago-
2552wataeriUser16.11.07 04:39:01 pm16 Years ago-
2699willy-town70User13.01.08 11:01:57 pm16 Years ago-
2794WickedgeniusUser14.02.08 10:20:09 pm16 Years ago-
2873WarfireUser10.03.08 07:34:29 pm16 Years ago-
2970WRCMeisterUser04.04.08 09:45:27 pm15 Years ago-
2971waruingeUser04.04.08 11:23:56 pm16 Years ago-
3042Who meUser28.04.08 04:14:02 am16 Years ago-
3044woodyUser29.04.08 04:45:43 am16 Years ago-
3060Windows vistaUser04.05.08 08:53:39 pm14 Years ago-
3078wwwunrealsoftwaredeUser10.05.08 05:53:36 pm15 Years ago-
3087weneggUser14.05.08 09:10:56 pm16 Years ago-
3118WhaTISGoinGONUser22.05.08 02:44:30 pm16 Years ago-
3160w4gn0rUser02.06.08 07:01:16 am--
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