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417RaperUser19.01.05 02:26:52 pm16 Years ago-
416EadornosUser17.01.05 06:31:40 pm16 Years ago-
415PatUser15.01.05 01:24:56 pm9 Years ago-
414spo.okyUser14.01.05 04:33:53 pm16 Years ago-
411Yeti87User08.01.05 12:13:32 pm16 Years ago-
408shinobiss3User08.01.05 10:15:35 am16 Years ago-
375TicticUser24.12.04 11:51:07 am16 Years ago-
374WalzeUser22.12.04 10:42:47 am15 Years ago-
373ShadowUser22.12.04 08:59:09 am16 Years ago-
365TaKeUser21.12.04 11:39:38 am16 Years ago-
364Bad-RatUser17.12.04 10:51:42 pm7 Years ago-
362TommyfilmsUser16.12.04 06:39:15 pm16 Years ago-
361D C (faker)COMMUNITY BANNED12.12.04 08:10:02 pm16 Years ago-
360FlydeUser11.12.04 09:45:24 pm16 Years ago-
359SSignUser09.12.04 05:13:05 pm17 Years ago-
358chillyUser09.12.04 02:55:25 pm17 Years ago-
357Master of DeasasterUser08.12.04 03:20:48 pm17 Years ago-
354testuserUser05.12.04 09:52:03 pm17 Years ago-
353irOnziOnUser05.12.04 09:10:11 pm16 Years ago-
352LoozzerUser05.12.04 02:06:44 pm--
350Anfänger2User29.11.04 08:10:22 pm14 Years ago-
349LlanowarelfeUser29.11.04 04:18:06 pm15 Years ago-
348KleinUser29.11.04 12:29:16 pm16 Years ago-
347rummplUser28.11.04 11:21:58 am13 Years ago-
346mkUser26.11.04 08:52:55 pm9 Years ago-
345FrEeMaNUser24.11.04 03:51:12 pm16 Years ago-
344halloKurtUser22.11.04 10:37:51 am17 Years ago-
341StrandedfanUser19.11.04 07:49:43 pm16 Years ago-
340FabianiusUser19.11.04 07:05:29 pm10 Months ago-
339derfuchsUser19.11.04 06:49:40 pm17 Years ago-
33888Wotan88User18.11.04 07:53:26 pm17 Years ago-
337yeahyeahyeahBANNED17.11.04 08:22:36 pm5 Years ago-
336yoyoyoUser17.11.04 08:20:12 pm17 Years ago-
334ThomasGadeUser17.11.04 09:47:33 am17 Years ago-
332Plagu3User15.11.04 05:58:37 pm8 Years ago-
331Lan_TierUser12.11.04 09:14:53 pm16 Years ago-
330VertreterUser11.11.04 05:44:44 pm1 Year ago-
329ruthUser11.11.04 04:03:59 pm17 Years ago-
328WaveUser11.11.04 01:56:29 pm13 Years ago-
327IchUser09.11.04 02:40:39 pm17 Years ago-
326KifferopiUser08.11.04 02:27:52 pm17 Years ago-
324AnfängerUser03.11.04 05:48:45 pm17 Years ago-
323DeadManUser03.11.04 03:49:32 pm15 Years ago-
319joschaUser02.11.04 06:14:36 pm17 Years ago-
317waN1992BANNED02.11.04 11:55:16 am7 Years agoGR - Greece
1DCAdmin2003/20042 Hours agoDE - Germany
2DivineDominionUser2003/20048 Years agoDE - Germany
258TobchenUser2003/20044 Years ago-
3mikedeUser2003/200417 Years ago-
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