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old Super Hero Script (v 1.2)

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{No|Limit} SuperHero Server Script By Blazzingxx

=== Info ===
√ SuperHero Mod Based From CS
> Version: 1.2 (Beta)
> Release Date: 2009/08/17
> Author: Blazzingxx
> Website:

=== Script Include ===

∗ = Basics/General
• 40 levels.
• Each level needs more experience.
• Each level you get points.
• Improved points system.
• Each kill you get credits.
• Improved balance between different levels.
• Weapon rounds feature.

∗ = SuperHeroes Feature
• 35 heroes in 9 classes.
• Improved Superheroes upgrading system.
• Improved Superheroes removing.
• Improved myheroes command.

∗ = Items Feature
• Shop/buy menu.
• Market/sell menu.
• Collect credits to buy items.
• Iventory menu to use item.
• 16 different items to buy.
• 17th item as superhero power.

∗ = Say Commands Feature
• 10 say commands.
• Available to use them in menu.
• !help - SuperHero main menu.
• !heroes - SuperHeroes select menu.
• !reheroes - Reselect superheroes menu.
• !myheroes - Shows your superheroes.
• !clearheroes - Clear all superheroes.
• !shop - Shop Menu.
• !inventory - Inventory Menu.
• !reset - Reset your level , if you have max.
• !commands - Shows say commands list.
• !whatstats <id> - Shows player stats and his superheroes.

∗ = Console Commands Feature
• 7 console commands.
• Console commands work only for admin.
• sh_pl_list - Shows players list with name, lvl, xp,needxp,credits.
• sh_cmd_list - Shows console commands list.
• sh_say_list - Shows say commands list.
• sh_give_xp <id> <xp> - Gives player xp.
• sh_give_lvl <id> <lvl> - Gives player lvl.
• sh_give_credits <id> <credits> - Gives player credits.
• sh_give_all_credits <id> <credits> - Gives credits to all.

∗ = Save/Load Feature
• U.S.G.N. user requires.
• Improved save system.
• Saves only xp.
• Load as lvl, xp, need xp, points.
• Hoster can have up to 30000 U.S.G.N. saves.

∗ = Extra Experience Feature
• Extra xp for Humiliations.
• Extra xp for killing higher level player.
• Extra xp for winning round.

∗ = Hud texts & Messages Feature
• Good looking colors.
• Shows level, points, experience, credits and more.
• Short, easy readable messages.

∗ = Sound Feature
• 4 advanced superhero sounds.
• Winning round sound.
• Losing round sound.
• Level up sound.
• Unlocking class sound.

∗ = Map Feature
Note: Use superhero maps to transfer sounds.
• 7 Superhero maps.
• sh_dust
• sh_dust2
• sh_cs2dfortress
• sh_fortress
• sh_office
• sh_suntec
• sh_aztec

∗ = Configuration Feature
• 'sys/lua/superhero/sh_config.cfg' file.
• 13 options to change.
• 'sys/lua/superhero/sh_settings.cfg' file.
• You can easily change and modify features.
• You can turn on/off many superhero features.

∗ = Help Feature
• Help .txt file.
• Website :

=== Installation ===
> Extract script/mod .zip in cs2d folder.

=== Contacts ===
> Unreal Software User:
> USGN: 15811
> Mail: - Email address (only visible with login) -
> Website:
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185 kb, 12,243 Downloads


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old Use

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How to Use İ Don't Use pls learn me how to throw


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@user leoska: Oh I see. Oh well I liked the GUI here better and this is also the script that FWSL used to use and I think they got more heroes there so I kinda figured we can add here!

Thanks anyway

old How do i add more superheroes?

User Off Offline

Hi there guys, I can't see where I can put more superheroes or where I can edit one to get more in :l.

All I could edit was the levels,exp,points etc etc. but no superheroes :(.

I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help! thanks


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Good Lua How Add More LvL
I like it!

old idea

Reed HD
User Off Offline

I have an idea, why not make a mod where weapons of the game have to level up
and at each level you can improve something you

Example: Increased bullets, shutter speed, more damage, velovidad recharge, ect
things so I think it would be great and I would like someone would make a mod so well I hope that someone reading this comment the idea of doing comes to mind.

sorry for my bad English
I like it!


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you are a beast, gonna try it on a new fresh server, hope its as amazing as i think
I like it!


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I like it!


Dream Ahmed
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cool script simonas you cool
I like it!

old Nice!

User Off Offline

Im Loving Your Lua Script
I like it!


Muhammad Moghees
User Off Offline

Mod is Nice!!!
Not Working
I like it!


User Off Offline

Please Download font
I like it!


Raaj Nadar
User Off Offline

who said this is shit this is awesome mod second comes the zp.. Nice updates.
I like it!


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10.000+ downloads for this old piece of shit :3

old hi

User Off Offline

can u upload the script that |ares| is using? (it have more lvl)!
I like it!

old esequiel

User Off Offline

nice like it
I like it!


User Off Offline

what is the skin pack u are using? i cant find it
I like it!


User Off Offline

Cool like Update
I like it!


Security Supporter Off Offline

Nice job,i like it!
I like it!
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